Man ‘cartwheeled’ 15-year-old cat in the air before smashing her to the floor

Footage has emerged showing the horrifying moment a man started brutally swinging a cat around before slamming her to the ground.

Tracy Heatley let her 15-year-old cat, Lola, out of the house as she always does on the evening of December 5, expecting her to come back within minutes due to the bitterly cold temperatures.

But just under two hours later she received a call saying Lola had been taken to the emergency vets by police with life-threatening injuries, Manchester Evening News reports.

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It was initially thought that the injuries had come from a loose dog attacking Lola, but CCTV footage caught from a neighbour's house showed it to be much more sinister.

The footage, which has been blurred due to its distressing nature, showed a man walking through Laythom Street, Bury, with a dog off its lead, before following Lola into a car park on the corner of Brookshaw Street.

The man could be seen encouraging his dog to chase Lola, who was hiding under a van.

The man then grabbed Lola by her back legs before 'cartwheeling' her around and smashing her unconscious on the floor and trying to get his dog to attack it.

Police who approached the man asked him if his dog had attacked Lola, to which he replied "I don't know".

When the man failed to keep the dog away, despite being asked to, officers shouted to him "get the dog back bud what are you doing? Your dog's just attacked that cat".

The attack has since left mum-of-three Tracy "absolutely heartbroken", with neighbours who all know Lola as the "community cat" shocked and angered and desperate to find the man responsible.

Tracy said: "It's awful. Absolutely horrific. I did nothing different to what I do every night and usually she just comes back within minutes, but she wasn't back by 11pm and I wasn't going to leave her because it was so cold.

"I went outside and shouted for her but then my house phone rang at about 11:45pm which really worried me as I thought it could be something bad had happened to my two older kids who aren't at home anymore.

"But it was from the vets who told me how bad her injuries were which was awful. I've been on this estate for 20 years and she's spent her entire life here with no problems, everyone knows and loves her."

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A friend of Tracy's has set up a gofundme page to help cover the costs of Lola's care, which has already raised more than £1,200.

Lola is now recovering at home but needs regular eyedrops and may need an eye removed due to injuries from the attack.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman confirmed an investigation into the incident is underway. They said: "At around 11pm on Monday 5 December, GMP were made aware of a dangerous dog on Brookshaw Street, Bury.

"No arrests have been made at this time. An investigation is underway."


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