Man attending funeral of brother killed by snake bite is killed by snake

A 22-year-old Indian man has died from a snake bite wound after attending the funeral of his brother who also died of a snake bite.

Govind Mishra had travelled to the region of Bihar with relative Chandrashekar Pandey, 22, to mourn his brother Arvind Mishra.

Arvind, 38, had recently succumbed to a snake bite in the region making the fate of his younger brother all the more tragic.

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While they were in Bhawanipur village, Govind and Chandrasheka were also bitten by a snake.

Tragically the severity of the bite caused Govind’s death.

Thankfully Chandrasheka was able to survive as he was taken to the hospital immediately – although he remains in a critical condition.

India has a fearsome reputation for snake bites.

Of the estimated 5 million snake bites every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) claims "between 81,000 and 138,000” are fatal.

Nearly half of the fatalities are reported from India.

WHO says that a staggering 90% of these snakebites come from four venomous snakes.

These are the common krait, Indian cobra, Russell's viper and saw-scaled viper.


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