Kitten ‘cries’ after waking up to find all her siblings have been adopted

A kitten was filmed "crying" when she woke up from a sleep to find out her three siblings had been adopted and she was left alone in the kennel.

Cat owner Ms Ma, from the city of Dalian in Liaoning, China, witnessed the heartbreaking scene just before she went to bed at night.

She checked on the CCTV and saw the kitten had just woken up from her sleep.

In the viral footage shared on Douyin, the two-month-old Persian tabby stays at the corner inside the small kennel and looks around as if she is searching for her siblings.

The poor moggie looks down with teary eyes when she realises she is left alone.

Ms Ma told local media: "I was looking at the monitor and the kitten just woke up.

"It broke my heart when I saw her curling up in the corner all by herself. I went to the room straight away to check up on her and stayed with her for two, three hours."

She explained that her adult cat recently gave birth and the kitten belonged to a litter of four.

Three of the kittens were sent to their new homes over the past two days and she was the remaining one in the house.

"Perhaps that's the reason she looked so sad and cried."

The clip has gone viral as viewers said they were touched by the cat's reaction.

One said: "The poor thing, the tears in her eyes are about to drop!"

Another wrote: "This is so cruel. I want to take the kitten home so bad."

"When we sent away the third kitten, she was sleeping and didn't know what was going on," Ms Ma added.

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