Kidnapped CBB star Chloe Ayling sobs as she tells court how she was snatched and drugged by ‘Black Death’ sex slave gang

GLAMOUR model Chloe Ayling spoke for the first time in court today about her terrifying kidnap ordeal at the hands of two brothers.

Mum-of-one Chloe, 21, broke down in tears as she told of being drugged, handcuffed and bundled into the back of a car by two masked men.

Dressed in a black jacket and green coloured top, Ayling dabbed her eyes as she spoke and gave evidence via video link in court today from Westminster Magistrates court.

Lukasz Herba, 31, has already been convicted of her abduction – he is serving 16 years in jail while his brother Michal, 37, is currently on trial in Milan, Italy.

Defence Lawyers have long wanted to cross examine her and enacted her to testify in person in Italy but she refused to go to Milan claiming she was “scared”.

Michal’s lawyer Simone Zancabi has pointed out she was in Milan a few months ago posting pictures of her bare bottom and saying it was “one of my favourite cities”.


Today, Chloe described how she had turned up for a photo shoot in Milan in July 2017, but then discovered it was a set up and she was snatched and thrown in the back of a car.

She said she had been told to arrive for an assignment to shoot a series of glamour motorcycle pictures for Bike Leathers.

Chloe said: ”I felt an arm on my nose and face and I tried to pull away but I couldn’t fight for long.

“There was two men. They both had balaclavas on and I suddenly felt an injection in my right wrist.

“Straight away I felt drowsy and I fell to the floor unconscious. When I started to wake up I was in a restricted area, I was in a black duffel bag.

"I was in a black duffel bag. I had tape all around my mouth and I had handcuffs on my wrists and handcuffs on my ankles."

“I had tape all around my mouth and I had handcuffs on my wrists and handcuffs on my ankles.

“I was only wearing my bodysuit. I had been stripped of my clothes. I had my socks on and a hole had been cut in the bag so I could breathe.

“At first I didn’t know where I was but then as the drugs wore off I could hear the noise of a car and realised I was in a bag in the boot of a car.

“I tried to speak and I tried to get the attention of the driver. The car came to a stop and the boot was opened and one of the masked guys got in with me.

Who is Chloe Ayling?

  • Chloe Ayling, 21, was snatched and held captive by  the "Black Death" group in Italy after she turned up to a false photoshoot.
  • She says that she was drugged and imprisoned in a remote Italian farmhouse for five days.
  • The mum-of-one says she was then stuffed in a bag before being auctioned on the dark web for £250,000.
  • Recalling how her ordeal started, Chloe said: “When I entered the studio on July 11 I had my iPhone, wallet and wheelie suitcase.
  • “The door from the adjoining room was closed. Before I could go in someone with black gloves put their hand on my mouth.
  • “A second person in a balaclava and dark clothes gave me an injection."
  • “I woke up in a car’s boot. My wrists and ankles were handcuffed, and there was adhesive tape on my mouth.
  • “I was inside a bag and was only able to breathe through a small hole.”
  • Reports say she was only released when those behind the abduction discovered she had a baby son after seeing pictures on Instagram.
  • The rules of the gang apparently ban "kidnapping mothers", according to Italian police.

“He said no one would hurt me and he said he didn’t know where we going. He had heavy accented English. He said no one will hurt you.

“I later recognised him as Michal Herba after the British media showed me his picture.”

Under questioning from prosecutor Paolo Storari, Chloe described how she was handcuffed to furniture in a bedroom at the farmhouse.


When asked to go into further details she said:”I can’t remember all of it. I just remember being handcuffed to the bedroom furniture.

“There were three of us in the room. One was Michal and the other guy has a mask on and he pointed to a sleeping bag on the floor.

“I didn’t know if I was to get into it or lie on top of it so I lay on top of it.”

Chloe described how the masked men had said they didn’t kidnap young mothers with children and told the court at the time she had a toddler of two years old.

She told the court she had later recognised Michal and Lukasz from pictures she had been shown after they removed their masks.

Chloe also described how she had attended another photoshoot in Paris in April 2017 but it had been cancelled because of a terror attack.

She said:”I met Lukasz there but he told me his name was Andre. It was the same man in Milan.”

Chloe said she was earning £600 on average for glamour photo shoots involving mainly motorbike magazines.

Mr Storari also asked her what conversation she had with the brothers in the farmhouse where she was being held.

Chloe said:”They told me they were working for an organisation called the Black Death Group which was on the Dark Web.

“They said they had taken me for a sex trafficking gang. Lukasz said he was a hitman for the gang.

“He was high level. He would kill people by poisoning them or shooting them. Lukasz said that he took care of the killings as he was higher up in the gang.

“Lukasz was known as MD and he said he was at level 12 in the group which went up to level 20.

“He said that he took orders from number 13 in the gang whose code name was CK. There were Romanians involved in the gang as well.

“He said they were looking at 300,000 USD for me. He said the gang needed money and he wanted to know if my family had money to pay a ransom.

“I said they wouldn’t be able to pay that. He asked if my agent Phil Green could pay and I said he couldn’t pay that either.

“Lukasz asked me for three names I could think of who could pay the ransom.”

When asked if Lukasz had talked about sex slave auctions Chloe said:”Yes, he said they were all in the Middle East and young virgins were sold for the most.

“But as I already had a child I wouldn’t be worth very much. I can’t remember how much they said I would go for.”

Mr Storari then read out her original police statement from July 2017 in which Chloe had said the starting price was 75,000 USD.

She replied: ”Yes, now I remember. That was the price.”

Chloe was then shown a picture the gang planned to use in an advert the gang had made advertising her and asked if she recognised it.

It showed her lying on the ground dressed in a patterned body suit unconscious.

She said: ”Yes, that’s the one they wanted to use.”


Lukasz trial last year heard how she had been held hostage for six days in an isolated farmhouse near Turin.

The gang told her they were called Black Death and threatened to sell her off as a slave to a Middle East sex ring.

Lukasz claimed Chloe – who later appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and wrote a book on her ordeal – had plotted the kidnap as a publicity stunt.

Although Polish born both brothers were living in the West Midlands at the time and Lukasz was arrested immediately in Italy after dropping Chloe off at the British Consulate in Milan.

Michal was extradited from Britain to face trial and is jointly accused with his brother of kidnap but denies the charge.

Yesterday, the glamour model Chloe Ayling bared virtually all on Instagram ahead of her court appearance today at her “kidnap” trial.

The mum-of-one  claims she was drugged and held hostage in an isolated farmhouse for five days before being eventually released.

Last year Polish born Lukasz Herba was sentenced to 16 years for the kidnap and his brother Michal is currently on trial in Milan, Italy.

Eyebrows were raised after it emerged Chloe had gone shopping hand in hand with Lukasz and slept with him during the abduction in July 2017.

She was not obliged to give evidence at his trial but has now been summonsed to appear at Michal’s trial although she will be testifying via video link from London after claiming she was “too scared” to return.

Yesterday she posted pictures of herself travelling back from Singapore after a holiday with one snap showing her wearing just a towel with her hands strategically placed over her chest.

Since her kidnap she has written a book about her ordeal and appeared on celebrity Big Brother where she flirted with former footballer Jermaine Pennant.

It has also since emerged she is making a living as a webcam model where punters pay £2 to chat with her.

Michal’s lawyer Simone Zancabi told The Sun: "I’m very much looking forward to finally cross examining Chloe. There are many aspects of her story that just don’t add up.

“I would have preferred her to testify in Milan in person but she said she was scared too return – although she posted a picture of herself on Instagram saying it was her “favourite city”.

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