‘Joe Biden cannot beat Donald Trump’ ‒ Democrats issued dire US election warning

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The Democrat candidate started his campaign in unconvincing fashion as he battled for the party nomination to take on US President Trump. At one stage, it looked as though left-wing rival Bernie Sanders was poised to take the nomination. Columnist Justin Ward argued during the race that Mr Biden was the wrong choice for the Democrats. He said: “Though he’s branded as the affable ‘Uncle Joe’ his policy record and personal temperament are far from decent. “And while conventional wisdom holds that ‘moderate’ equals ‘electable’ there’s nothing particularly safe about him, either.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s pitch is that he will defeat President Donald Trump and restore decency to the country. He can do neither.”

Some of Mr Biden’s party colleagues also expressed doubts.

Senator Cory Booker said he wasn’t sure whether Mr Biden could get “the ball over the (goal line) without fumbling” amid regular verbal gaffes.

Mr Ward argued that Mr Sanders should be nominated.

He added: “Biden has no vision for the future past November. Few can say even what his platform is because he never really talks about it.

“Recession looms. We have 10 years to get climate change under control. The coronavirus has exposed how fragile our healthcare system is.

“And if voters’ main priority is just to replace Trump with a nice old man, what’s wrong with Bernie?”

Despite the warnings, the former Vice President won the nomination after a dramatic turnaround on Super Tuesday in March.

President Trump is in turmoil as Mr Biden soars into a 17-point lead with less than three weeks until results come in.

Polls indicate Mr Trump could be struggling in a number of key swing states after his battle with coronavirus and hostile debate with Mr Biden.

California is a safe state for the Democrats, having backed Hillary Clinton in 2016 with just over 60 percent of the vote while Mr Trump took just 31 percent.

The Public Policy Institute of California’s polling this time round puts Biden in an identical lead – 60 percent to 31 percent.

While the former Vice President’s position looks increasingly commanding, a Fox News poll could offer encouragement for President Trump – meaning his route to a dream election landslide could still be open.

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A growing number of Americans think their neighbours support Mr Trump over Mr Biden in the upcoming election, according to the survey.

It found that 49 percent thought their neighbours were supporting Mr Trump for president.

By comparison, 38 percent of respondents said they thought their neighbours were backing the Biden campaign.

A recent study also makes for grim reading for Mr Biden and the Democrats.

Published in August, it found that Republicans and independents are twice as likely as Democrats to say they would not give their true opinion in a telephone poll question about their preference for president in the 2020 election.

This could raise doubts over poor polling performances for President Trump.

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