Jeremy Corbyn would be West's first anti-Semitic leader since Hitler, would-be PM Matt Hancock blasts

JEREMY Corbyn would be the first anti-Semitic leader in the West since HITLER, a Tory leadership contender warned tonight.

Matt Hancock warned that if the Tories screw up Brexit they will hand the leftie Labour boss the keys to No10.

He blasted: "The Conservative party has to get this right.

"If we don't, we could end up with the first anti-Semitic leader of a Western nation since WW2."

The Health Secretary's attack on Mr Corbyn came as he addressed Tory MPs at a hustings event this evening.

Mr Hancock insisted he is the man to deliver Brexit – even though he voted Remain in 2016.

He said: "I want to slay this unicorn, that we need a Brexiteer as PM.

"We don't need a Brexiteer as Prime Minister. We need someone who is committed to delivering Brexit."

Labour hit back at Mr Hancock's anti-Semitism claims – a source said it was a "baseless political attack".

We could end up with the first anti-Semitic leader of a Western nation since WW2

Michael Gove opened the door to delaying Brexit beyond October 31 at the hustings, hosted by the One Nation group of MPs.

He said: "If we are making progress and are on the verge of a deal, and we’ve had a good EU Council in October and we’re 99 per cent of the way there on Halloween – are we seriously saying we wouldn’t take a bit more time to get the deal done?"

Jeremy Hunt added: "I met Macron and Merkel today in Portsmouth and a hardline approach will lead to a hardline response. They'll wait for Parliament to block No Deal."

But Dominic Raab insisted that pushing for No Deal was the best way to convince the EU to offer us a better deal.

The Brexiteer said: "As Brexit Secretary I looked our EU opposite numbers in the eyes. I know the strengths but also the weaknesses of their positions.

"That's why we don't just need a conviction Brexiteer. We need someone who is resolute, but someone who can navigate the rocky path ahead and get Brexit delivered."

Yesterday Boris Johnson told the first hustings event the Tories would be wiped out if they failed to deliver Brexit on time.

Timetable of Tory leadership election which will pick new PM

June 7: Theresa May stands down as party leader but will continue as PM until her successor is elected

June 10: Nominations for the leadership open 10am-5pm; candidates must have the support of eight MPs

June 13: First ballot of MPs, open 10am-12pm; any candidate with fewer than 13 votes eliminated

June 18: Second ballot (if needed), open 3pm-5pm; any candidate with fewer than 33 votes eliminated

June 19: Third ballot (if needed), open 3pm-5pm; candidate with fewest votes eliminated

June 20: Fourth ballot (if needed), open 10am-12pm; candidate with fewest votes eliminated

June 22: Second stage begins where votes shift from MPs to party activists who will choose between final two candidates

July 22: Result announced this week, in time for Commons recess to begin

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