Jeff Bezos could run for US president in 2024 once Trump era is over, expert claims

JEFF Bezos is stepping down as boss of Amazon following his record-breaking divorce and could launch an audacious bid for the US presidency in 2024, experts believe.

The world’s richest man – worth a staggering $140billion – has previously accused US President Donald Trump of “eroding democracy”.

Now analysts believe that Bezos, who has quit his job as CEO of e-commerce giant Amazon, may follow in the brash New Yorker’s footsteps.

Retail expert Brittain Ladd outlined possible scenarios which could happen following his split from wife Mackenzie – who helped him build the tech company into a global brand.

He told Forbes: “Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO of Amazon to pursue other interests due to negative publicity.

“I won't be surprised if Bezos becomes a candidate for president in time for the 2024 election.”

He believes that the muscle-bound billionaire could start a “Listening Tour” around the US to drum up support for his candidacy.

Mr Ladd spoke to several financial and Wall Street analysts who all agreed that a Bezos run for the White House is “very possible and plausible.”

The business strategist concluded that “Bezos stepping down as CEO to focus on other interests is not beyond the realm of possibility.”

He added: “As for Bezos becoming president in 2024, can it happen? Yes, I believe it can.”

However, in 2017, Bezos claimed he did not have any intentions of running for the presidency insisting he had a “very full life”, according to Forbes.

He said: “‘Oh, no. I don’t think so – I love my life. I love being an inventor.

“I love Blue Origin, my space company. I love the Washington Post … basically I have a very full life. And I really like it.”

Trump and the tech tycoon have repeatedly clashed with the Republican referring to Bezos as “Jeff Bozo” in a tweet last night.

The US President has accused the entrepreneur of using his newspaper the Washington Post to exert political power and avoid paying taxes.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Bezos sent a photograph of his "big" willy to lover Lauren Sanchez in a string of saucy text messages.

The tech tycoon also reportedly told the married TV star he was "full of love" for her and wanted to wake her up "and not be quite so gentle" with her.

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