‘It exploded into my face’: Enderby man blames city for toilet backup

An Enderby man is blaming city work for causing a major mess in his bathroom on Wednesday.

Don Robinson said he spent hours cleaning-up after his toilet backed up, sending water and a noxious smell into his home.

The Evergreen Street resident is not happy with the way the city dealt with his complaint that their maintenance work was creating havoc in his bathroom.

“I ran into the bathroom to see the water starting to rise and as it rose it exploded into my face, blowing all over the wall, ceiling,” Robinson said.

“My house smelt like sewage for at least four or five hours afterwards.”

Robinson said his family spent roughly three hours cleaning up after the incident.

“It was an absolute mess but I never really got an apology from the city,” he said.


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However, the city maintains Robinson wouldn’t have had this problem if he had a backwater value installed in his home, which the city said is a requirement for homes in the community.

In an email to Global News, Enderby’s chief administrative officer, Tate Bengtson, said the city flushes sewer lines in the area annually to prevent raw sewage from backing up into homes.

“While our crew works hard to minimize impacts from preventative maintenance, unfortunately this is not always possible,” Bengtson said.

“When the city reached out to the person with the concern yesterday, it provided information on the backwater valve requirement and also committed to reviewing its practices to see if there were other steps that could be helpful.”

Robinson said his home does not have a backwater valve because it is an older home.

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