Inside brutal life of infamous mobster Al Capone 90 years since he got locked up

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It's 90 years to the day on Sunday since the world’s most infamous US gangster Al Capone was finally convicted.

Dubbed Scarface he had ruled a ruthless gangland empire in Chicago notorious for racketeering, bootlegging, prostitution and murder – with no crime off limits for him or his brutal enforcers.

But, on 17th October, 1931, Capone's criminal enterprises were dealt a serious blow when he was found guilty of tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years behind bar.

He ended up in the maximum-security Alcatraz prison with some of the most notorious killers and violent criminals the Prohibition-era US had to offer.

Here The Daily Star reveals some little-known facts about the crime boss.

1. Born as Alphonse in 1899 in New York to Italian immigrants – a barber and seamstress – he had eight siblings. Brothers Ralph and Frank would eventually join his criminal gang.

2. Despite being a strong student he soon showed violent tendencies and was expelled from school aged 14 for punching a female teacher in the face.

3. He worked in a sweet shop, bowling alley and played semi-professional baseball, before falling in with local streets gangs like the Junior Forty Thieves and the Five Points Gang.

4. Working as a bouncer at Harvard Inn he insulted a woman and was slashed in the face with a knife pulled by her brother. It left him with a scar and a new lifelong nickname which he hated.

5. Also known as ‘Snorky’ for his snappy dressing, a 19-year-old Capone married Mae Coughlin. They had one son and remained together until Capone’s death despite his philandering.

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6. Gangster mentor Johnny Torrio brought Capone to Chicago where he became a bouncer in a brothel and got syphilis.

7. Cashing in on the alcohol bootlegging trade of the Prohibition era, a murderous Capone slowly worked his way up to become one of the Windy City’s top mobsters.

8. By 1925 he led the Chicago Outfit with an empire built on illegal booze, betting and brothels, narrowly surviving assassination attempts by rivals and accidentally shooting himself while playing golf!

9. He blew up the premises of people who didn’t co-operate, killing 100 people, while warring with other mobsters and driving around in an armour-plated Cadillac.

10. Soon raking in 100million dollars a year he loved gourmet food, cigars, flash suits and bedding a string of women. He also bought a mansion in Miami Beach, Florida, which recently sold for £11.4million.

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11. With cops and politicians in his pocket Capone became a celeb, cheered at ball games and even supported charities and soup kitchens.

12. He’s reckoned to have been behind the St Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929 when seven members of Bugs Moran’s North Side Gang were brutally gunned down.

13. The murders were never pinned on Capone, but after serving just a few months in a luxury cell for carrying a concealed weapon, fed up authorities labelled him Public Enemy Number One.

14. Once convicted of tax evasion he was later sent to Alcatraz. Weakened by ill health and with a hole in his nose from cocaine addiction he spent his time playing the banjo.

15. Sickly Capone was released in 1939, his brain rotted by syphilis. He died in his bed aged just 48 in 1947 following a heart attack at his Miami home. The secret of where he stashed his multi-million pound fortune went with him.

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