Incredible moment golden retriever takes on huge bear outside home – and wins

Astonishing footage has captured a brave golden retriever defending his owner’s property from a fully grown brown bear.

Pretty, an 11-year-old goldie, was caught on CCTV standing firm against the deadly predator outside his home in Sitka, Alaska, US.

In the amazing video, Pretty repeatedly barks at the creature as it walks directly towards him.

At first, the bear seems nonplussed and starts sniffing the pooch’s mouth. It seems like it is winding up to hit the pooch before he lunges at the predator.

Incredibly, Pretty then manages to chase the bear away from the drive.

The loyal dog’s owner, Nicholas Glanain, posted the video to Facebook with the caption: “Considering changing Pretty’s name to Legend. He’s always been a good bear dog.”

Since being shared, hundreds of people have seen the video.

“Can’t believe they were nose to nose,” one wrote. “That bear was pretty brazen, but at least Pretty put him in his place.”

Another commented: “Wow that is crazy, good dog.”

A third added: “Good thing he didn’t get slapped by the bear, looked like it wanted to charge him.”

The remote town of Sitka has a population of just 9,000 people, but the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reckons there are around 1,550 Alaskan coastal brown bears in the surrounding areas.

Alaskan brown bears are typically larger than their more famous grizzlies.

“We have lots of bears, though I’ve never seen them engage this closely,” Nicholas told Snopes.

“This is their home too,” Galanin said. “So be respectful.”

Pretty isn’t the first golden retriever to have made headlines recently.

One poor pooch was filmed sitting in the rain for two hours after his owner pulled a prank on him.

And another goldie, Lucy, went viral for her reaction to meeting her owner’s kitten for the first time.

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