‘I escaped Britain’s biggest love rat who scammed almost £2m from his victims’

A woman has told of her lucky escape after falling for “Britain’s biggest love rat”, thought to have raked in £2million from victims of his various crimes.

Tracy Greenhill, 47, was smitten after meeting “perfect gent” Jasper Golyer on Facebook Dating.

He bragged he was an ex-SAS soldier who had twice met the Queen, had two degrees, and even boasted he had a Blue Badge for parking after a sailing accident.

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But she grew suspicious and found his real name was John Keady, and he had been jailed for eight years for conning women out of £70,000 in a romance scam.

The mum of two said of their first date: “I was struck by how romantic he was.”

But she noticed things that didn’t add up. Tracy said: “When I noticed Jasper using a credit card with a woman’s name on it, he claimed she was his PA.”

A peek at his blue badge revealed his real name and a Google search yielded “scores of articles about his previous deceptions”.

Tracy added: “My jaw fell open. Suddenly, Jasper’s attentiveness took a sinister turn.”

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Police advised Tracy, from Dorset, to end the relationship.

She said: “I was nervous but Jasper showed no emotion. Now I worry ‘Jasper’ will dupe some other unsuspecting woman.”

For further advice on romance fraud, Tracy recommends catchthecatfish.com.

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