Horrifying clip shows mice ‘raining’ from sky as plague sweeps across Australia

A stomach-churning clip of dead and live mice falling out of the air has left viewers horrified.

Australia has been gripped by a huge rodent plague of biblical proportions in recent weeks.

ABC journalist Lucy Thackray shared a clip from Tracey Jones of just how bad it's got, showing mice raining from the sky when a silo was being cleaned out.

Dozens of dead and live rodents began falling along with the grains causing their bodies to pile up on the floor.

Some of the four-legged creatures manage to run off, but the pile quickly builds up with dead rodents.

The clip was shared on Twitter and has already attracted hundreds of comments.

"Even if grains in silos, mice can get to it. Like Tracey Jones discovered in Tullamore when cleaning out the auger and it started raining mice,” Ms Thackray captioned the post.

People were horrified but what they were seeing.

One Twitter user wrote: "I keep thinking the mouse plague footage can't get any worse but then it does."

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Another added: "This is the worst thing I'll see all year."

And a third penned: "Hear often about raining cats and dogs but never before raining mice. How horrible."

One user pointed out: "If it wasn't on video, it would be hard to believe. What a nightmare."

The mouse plague has led to farmers demanding action from the Australian government to combat the unending numbers of mice.

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Farmers say it nearly caused some to lose their entire summer crops and are being pushed to the limit.

Clips of locusts and mice crawling on crops are being shared online, as the creatures scatter in all directions after being spooked by landowners.

Farmers are asking for a financial aid package to help prop up their farms, after suffering a terrible drought over several years which has finally come to an end.

But the flourishing fields that came with the summer rains have helped the rodents thrive as well.

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Someone previously told Ms Thackray that they are living in "the middle of a plague riddling every surface in our house, clothes, and food."

The mice 'plagues' typically happen every 10 years or so when conditions are just right.

It comes after a pastor claimed the rodent infestation was 'sent down by God'.

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz said the wave resembles the Biblical plague that caused catastrophes in Egypt on Israel365 News.

Expert Steve Henry said earlier this year that the mice are impossible to cull as they feast on the crops and reproduce every three weeks.

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