Haunting pictures show abandoned mansions, theme parks and churches lost in time and reclaimed by nature

HAUNTING photos show abandoned mansions, theme parks and churches utterly lost in time.

The deserted destinations – from Liverpool to the Japanese city of Nara – were once full of life but have now been reclaimed by nature.

A chapel in the south of France is covered in creeping grass and weeds, while years of storms have filled a house in the Namibian village of Kolmanskop with huge mounds of sand.

Elsewhere, a rollercoaster weaves through greenery at the neglected Dreamland theme park near Nara in Japan.

A dust-covered Italian mansion houses tattered furniture close to falling through the floorboards and piles upon piles rubble.

And the Liverpool Fruit Exchange, built in 1888 as a railway goods depot and converted into a fruit exchange in 1923, stands desolate.

Decades of dust and debris cover the Grade II listed building's auction room, while wallpaper peels off from the ceiling.

Behind these amazing images is French photographer Romain Veillon, from Paris, who has truly captured what these locations would look like if humans disappeared.

His amazing snaps are showcased in his new book Green Urbex: The World Without Us.

It follows his hugely successful debut publication Ask The Dust.

Romain said: "What would the earth look like if man suddenly disappeared?

"Over the pages, you will see the floors covered with dust, the walls cracking, the wood rotting and finally vegetation gradually invading these places that were once full of life; thus reminding us of the need for a harmonious life with our habitat, which will not be able to withstand for long the ecological pressure that man puts on it.

"Through this journey, I take you with me to discover these palaces, castles, factories, churches, theatres…. abandoned and forgotten by all."

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