Harmless fun or disrespectful? Row over Brazil's dancing deepens

Are Brazil’s dancing celebrations harmless fun or disrespectful? Row over Neymar and co’s joyful dances during South Korea win as Roy Keane leads critics but Brazilians argue ‘it’s what we do to celebrate ANYTHING’

  • Brazil turned on the style as they scored four past South Korea in the first half
  • Tite’s side looked in the mood and showed they were having fun by dancing
  • After each of their goals, Brazil’s players showed off choregraphed dance moves
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A row over Brazil’s choreographed goal dances deepened today with some calling them ‘disrespectful’ while others insisted it was simply the country’s culture.

The side’s 4-1 demolition of South Korea saw a number of routines performed by the squad, that had clearly been rehearsed and pre-planned.

But former Manchester United player and now pundit Roy Keane took exception to the fancy footwork, calling it ‘disrespecting the opposition’ and claiming it was more like Strictly Come Dancing.

His strong views sparked a debate with football fans unable to agree on whether the moves were out of line or just harmless fun. 

Keane said one time would have been manageable but after every goal is ‘disrespectful’

Football podcaster Edmund Oris said: ‘The Brazilians dance on its own isn’t disrespectful.

‘What’s disrespectful is doing it multiple times in a game. Imagine Germany players danced 7 times after thrashing Brazil 7-1 that year.

‘I’m sure you see it now.’

Twitter user Mustapha said: ‘He’s right You should have some respect to the other team, I feel very bad for Korea’

Brazil’s dancing superstars have been labelled as ‘disrespectful’ by a furious Roy Keane 

Brazilian Giseli Freitas said the dancing was how the country celebrated success in anything

Twitter user Mustapha said the Brazil coach should not have joined in with one of the dances

Lucas de Aragao mocked Roy Keane and suggested his dog Timmy was as influential as him

This American social media user said they thought the Brazil team showed ‘classless attitude’

Another added: ‘Disrespectful from a Coach. make fun of the opponent, even in the first half.’

And social media Chapur said: ‘I am an American, I rarely agree with British, however, here they have good point. That is like classless attitude by Brazilian.’

Brazilian Giseli Freitas said: ‘As a Brazilian I can attest that’s what we do to celebrate ANYTHING.

‘It has absolutely nothing to do with the other team. They are dancing for themselves and the cheering crowd, that’s all.’

A fuming Keane likened it to watching popular BBC dance show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

Even manager Tite (front) got involved in the dancing, after every first half goal on Monday

Oliver Elliot said: I’ve always been alright with Keane sharing his opinion on things.

‘But listening to him moan tonight about the Brazilian players enjoying themselves. It’s becoming really annoying to be honest.

‘Book next flight back home mate. Get someone else on the show.’

Lucas de Aragão chipped in: ‘Says the player with absolutely ZERO importance to World Cups.

‘It’s like One Direction criticizing Led Zeppelin. Roy Keane, as important to World Cups as my dog: Timmy.’

Another Twitter poster added: ‘Roy Keane needs to be in an old age home, worst takes ever.’

Brazil showed off a series of pre-planned dance routines to mark their goals, something that left Keane aghast come the half-time break.

Graeme Souness was equally as irritated by Brazil’s antics, backing Keane’s furious verdict

He said it is ‘only a matter of time before someone goes right through one of these Brazilians’

‘Fantastic finish by Vinicius, great start to the game. But I’ve never seen so much dancing,’ fumed ITV pundit Keane

‘I can’t believe what I’m watching, I can’t believe what I’m watching, it’s like watching Strictly [Come Dancing].’

Brazil continued to offer up a variety of moves as the goals flew in, with even manager Tite getting involved as he mimicked Richarlison’s pigeon celebration following the third goal.  

‘I don’t like this. People say it’s their culture. But I think that’s really disrespecting the opposition,’ Keane furiously continued. 

‘It’s four goals, and they are doing it every time.

‘I don’t mind so much the first jig, it’s the one after that, and the manager getting involved. 

‘I’m not happy about it. I don’t think it’s good at all.’

Graeme Souness backed Keane’s verdict and was equally as seething at the constant dancing after goals.

‘It’s only a matter of time before someone goes right through one of these Brazilians,’ the Scot said.

Richarlison’s trademark ‘pigeon’ was one that seemed to cause particular annoyance given he raced over to the sideline and got his manager involved.  

The Tottenham striker’s moves originated from a pop group in Brazil called Os Perseguidores. 

It was when Richarlison moved to Everton from Watford in 2018 that he explained the reasons behind the dance.  

‘The pigeon dance came from a group from Rio de Janeiro who had a song in around 2012,’ he explained at the time.

‘A trend was started when I did the dance at home. Everyone started copying me.’ 

As annoyed as Keane and Souness were, Eni Aluko, alongside the grumpy pair on ITV’s punditry panel for the match, totally disagreed and said she ‘loved’ the enthusiasm in the Brazil celebrations. 

‘I love it, it’s like we are at a Brazilian party,’ Aluko responded. 

‘South Korea have made it easy for them. Look at this penalty, it’s personality, you can say they aren’t respecting South Korea but Neymar would have done that to most teams.’

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