‘Half human’ robot unveiled to be ‘companion’ for astronauts on space missions

A “half human” talking robot has been unveiled that will act as a “companion” for astronauts on space missions.

Vyommitra – dubbed a “half humanoid” – has been developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to take the helm in upcoming test flights.

She can talk, recognise other humans, mimic human behaviour, hold conversations, and answer questions.

Addressing reporters herself – she even proudly boasted she will be a “companion” for spacemen.

The droid has been designed by ISRO to be blasted into space ahead of India’s upcoming maiden manned mission.

She is earned her moniker of “half humanoid” as she does not have legs.

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Vyommitra was unveiled by ISRO at an event in Bengaluru on Wednesday to a crowd of waiting press.

She announced herself to the room, saying: “Hi, I'm Vyommitra the first prototype of half humanoid.”

The robot has been equipped with a human face and long brown hair.

She is also expected to in future work alongside astronauts, helping them run their spaceship.

ISRO scientist Sam Dayal said said: "It's called a half humanoid because it doesn't have legs. It can only bend sidewards and forward.

"It will carry out certain experiments and will always remain in touch with the ISRO command centre."

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Vyommitra will venture to the stars later this year in unmanned flights as part of the Gaganyaan project space missions.

Indian leader Narendra Modi has ambitious plans to expand India’s space programme.

He wants to send three Indian astronauts into space by 2022.

And its likely they will be accompanied by their robotic co-pilot Vyommitra.

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Indian wing commander Rakesh Sharma was the first from his nation to go to space, but he was a cosmonaut of a Russia craft.

Modi is determined that India’s new generation of spacemen will be launched on an Indian rocket within India.

Gaganyaan mission scientists have chosen four pilots from the Indian Air Force to be their astronauts.

ISRO has also unveiled prototype space suits, a space craft ahead of their landmark mission in 2022.

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ISRO hope to launch their first unmanned flight in December, which will be operated by Vyommitra.

These missions will be there to prove that the Indian rockets are safe for use by humans.

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Another unmanned flight will take place in June 2021.

Vyommitra will also be command of this second flight, before the three Indian space men take the helm in 2022.

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