Gusty winds and thundery showers to cause travel chaos

Christmas weather: Met Office forecasts chilly temperatures

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Brits are likely to face “hazardous” travel conditions as bands of gusty winds and thundery showers are set to move across parts of Northern Ireland, Wales and England. The Met office said that the situation may cause “temporarily” cause trouble for residents over the next few hours.

The UK’s cold snap has given way to soaring temperatures with warnings of heavy rain and some flooding, as people prepare for Christmas.

The Met office stated: “Bands of gusty and at times thundery showers are currently moving across parts of Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

“The combination of the gusty winds plus plenty of spray on the roads could temporarily bring some hazardous travelling conditions over the coming hours.”

Warnings for snow and ice were previously in place for much of the country up to Sunday – including an amber alert for ice in parts of northern England.

Jo Farrow, a forecaster at NetWeather said in a blog post: “Wednesday looks more mixed with sunny spells and then areas of showery rain and more cloud.

“It will be windy for the middle of the week with temperatures around 7 to 10C.

“There will be snow over the Scottish mountains and still a nippy wind.

“A low centre will move close to northern Scotland and bring more showers here but further south the day will improve and brighten as pressure rises.

“More cloud and rain approaches from the southwest on Wednesday night and Thursday as we begin to see colder air over Scotland.

“In an easterly wind, it will feel chilly here and any rain pushing its way north will begin to turn to sleet or hill snow.”

Meanwhile, temperatures on Christmas Day will be average for the time of year.

The Met Office has predicted uncertain weather, saying: “Conditions may be widely changeable, with some spells of rain and, at times, snow.”

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Christmas Day will feel slightly colder, with the temperature averaging 7C.

There is a strong chance of rain in the morning but this is expected to settle as the day goes on.

Wind speed is expected to be low during the day but increase through to the night.

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