Golden retriever with adorable black mark on his face racks up 180k followers

A lovely dog has amassed a huge following on social media thanks to his distinctive black mark on his face.

Enzo Viola, the English cream golden retriever, was born with a rare genetic mutation that left him with a black fur patch on the left side of the face.

The pooch has his own Instagram page, @mister.enzoviola, with 182,000 followers and he loves to show his playful side on camera.

Videos taken by the Castro family, including 15-year-old Clarissa, and shared exclusively with Daily Star Online show the adorable three-year-old's playful nature.

In one, Enzo picks up the branch and shakes it around as if he is killing a prey.

The Castros, from Texas, US, also keep a handful of toys for Enzo to play around inside the house.

Another clip shows the dog tugging a blue stuffed dinosaur toy as he steps on his tail and sniffs around.

The adorable pooch freezes when he realises the toy makes a squeaker.

One video has been seen 10,314 times on Instagram showing Enzo dozing off on the bed as he snuggled in the blanket.

He blinks his eyes slowly and eventually falls asleep.

Clarissa told this site: "Enzo has a genetic mutation, his black splotch!

"He’s special – and who doesn’t like to look at dogs. The mutation doesn’t effect any part of him except for his looks."

But the teenager said it wasn't just the cute marking that made her and her family fall in love with Enzo.

"We got to meet Enzo and his brothers and we instantly fell in love with Enzo not just because of his marking but because he was the sweetest and most playful puppy," she added.

Clarissa says her pooch is "very energetic" and requires at least two walks a day.

"We spend a lot of time playing fetch with him in the back yard or playing with one of his toys inside,"

"There’s so much to enjoy spending time with him, one of my favourite things is that he often falls asleep while tugging on a toy, he’ll just slowly lay down and rest with the toy in his mouth."

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  • She also revealed that the canine loves to follow a routine and never complains about it.

    "Ever since he was a puppy Enzo has always loved having a routine – getting up at the same time in the morning, eating his breakfast at the same time, going on a walk at the same time etc," Clarissa adds.

    "He’s never upset but when given the choice he doesn’t love change."

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