Florida waitress hits the jackpot, gets $800 tip from random diner

US restaurants face staffing woes amid COVID-19 pandemic

Wisconsin Restaurant Association CEO Kristine Hillmer and Draganetti’s owner Joanne Palzkill on the struggle to find workers.

A random customer at Southern Pig and Cattle Company in west Florida paid for the bill of a family sitting next to him, then left a lucky waitress an $800 tip, WPEC reports. 

Michelle Trabilcy told the news outlet that she shared the tip with another waitress and they were both flooded with emotions. 

“I was just overwhelmed. I wanted to cry. I was excited. You can feel hope and kindness. It really gave the overwhelming feeling that there are people out there that still care,” Tabilcy told WPEC. “It’s been a hard year and we’ve all been struggling. It made us feel good.”

A massive tip goes a long way for restaurant workers who have been stretched thin amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

A generous woman left a $10,000 tip at a sushi joint in the Florida Keys in March, a comedian left a $7,000 tip for a server at wine bar in New York City in February, and someone left a $1,000 tip for the staff at a diner in Maine last December. 

Some restaurants in Colorado have even gotten visits from a “COVID Bandit” in the last few months who leaves thousands of dollars in tips everywhere he goes. 

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