Esther McVey admits she did marijuana when she was younger as she vows to SACK all Remainers from the Cabinet to deliver Brexit

ESTHER McVey has admitted she tried marijuana at university – after Michael Gove's coke confession.

The Brexiteer called the Environment Secretary a hypocrite for blasting middle-class drug users in newspapers, after taking the drug on several occasions himself.

But she's never done cocaine, she told Good Morning Britain earlier today.

"I have said yesterday that I have tried pot, marijuana, whatever," she said.

Piers Morgan asked her: “Is he a hypocrite?”

Esther replied: "Well, what he has written and what he has done, it does seem that way. However, what I do hope is that people can judge him on what he has done now and that will be what comes forward."

But she wouldn't want to see drugs legalised as it can act as a gateway to harder substances, she argued.

It comes the day after she vowed to sack all Remainers from her Cabinet if she became PM – to make sure Britain comes out of the EU properly.

She told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show she couldn't have people who weren't committed to delivering the referendum in her top team.

If they voted Remain but now agreed we should leave by October 31 they could stay in her Cabinet, she added.

Once the UK exits properly then "anybody can be in the Cabinet", she added.

Ms McVey is seen as one of the outsiders in the Tory leadership contest, which officially kicked off today.

But her launch speech was interrupted earlier by an aggressive man who grabbed the mic and strated shouting: "You are fake news! Fake Tories!"

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