Elon Musk delights fans with bizarre tweet after hitting 69 million followers

As billionaires go, Twitteris one of the most popular and definitely one of the most eccentric.

The TESLA and SpaceX mogul and world's richest man, Elon Musk added $30.6 billion to his fortune earlier this week bringing his reported net worth up to $304.2 billion.

But Elon was all smiles for a different and more juvenile reason this morning as celebrated a very significant Twitter milestone by reaching 69 million followers.

For those with a clean mind, the number 69 has been irrevocably tarnished in meme culture due to a sex act being named after it.

The joke is principally used in school grounds by children with underdeveloped minds but it seems even a brain as big as Elon's has room for the odd dirty joke.

Taking to Twitter, Elon made a simple declaration of triumph to his 69 million ravenous followers.

"Nice", he said.

And they certainly seemed to think so too.

Immediately the moneybags mentions were swarming with people congratulating Elon on his seminal achievement and chastising those who did not immediately get the reference.

One user said: "Congrats on reaching 69 million good bois."

Another suggested that this would be the pinnacle of Elon's Twitter experience and everything that follows would be a disappointment.

Remarkably, they also predicted that he would tweet 'nice' when he hit the marker.

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Still, even for a billionaire with 69 million followers, there is room for improvement.

As Elon only follows 107 people, one user suggested he double up the niceness.

They said: "Now unfollow 38 people and it’s god tier nice."

Please, don't tempt him.

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