Earth to burn up unless we steal energy from Jupiter’s orbit, says ex-NASA boff

Earth will burn up unless humans are able to steal energy from Jupiter's orbit, according to an ex-Nasa scientist.

David Holz, PhD shared his audacious plan to avoid the destruction of the Earth in 1 billion years – but it won't come easy.

The physicist and entrepreneur said we must "steal" energy from Jupiter's orbit using a giant asteroid to make the Earth's orbit bigger.

That would expand our distance from the Sun and preserve humanity's existence for "at least" 5bn more years, he said.

Holz admitted his out-of-this-world idea needs a good deal of technological improvements first.

Though by the sounds of it, his plan will also need a vast improvement in our brain capacities, too.

David tweeted screenshots from a new academic paper published by NASA, University of California and University of Michigan professors titled "Astronomical engineering: a strategy for modifying planetary orbits".

What makes a little more sense in layman's terms is David's caption.

It read: "Earth burns in a billion years when the sun expands.

"UNLESS we steal energy from Jupiter to gradually expand Earth's orbit!

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"We can *actually* do this by diverting a large asteroid (0.01% the size of the moon) to pass between Earth and Jupiter every 6000(!) years."

What Holz means is that the process must be repeated every 6000 years in order to stop the Earth getting close to the Sun again – and burning up.

By this point in the future – around one billion years from now – the Sun will be too hot and the Earth too vulnerable for humanity to survive at its current distance.

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When a skeptic asked David whether this was a realistic plan, his response was clear.

He replied: "We understand how to do it.

"It's just a question of scaling the technology to the size of the asteroid.

"Right now we don't have the infrastructure in space to do an asteroid that big but it's remarkably within the scope of our ability as a species."

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Another less serious reply didn't quite take David's wacky proposal at face value.

Captioning a picture of Bruce Willis and the whizz team of scientists from the film Armageddon, user Tobias Søndergaard said he knew of just the right guys to do the job.

Tobias wrote: "NASA has already done this.

"If any plans involve blowing up an asteroid, this team of NASA technicians might just be up for the task."

Better still, this isn't David only crazy idea for prolonging human life on Earth.

In February 2020 he proposed nation-sized solar panels to float high above the atmosphere, blocking the Sun's rays to adjust the earth's temperature manually.

Holz wrote: "Only costs $150Bn (25% USA yrly military budget) to deploy 2,000km of digitally controllable micron-thick solar sunshades which would allow us to variably adjust the temperature of the Earth.

"Blocks up to 2% of sunlight, controllable instantly from Earth (by rotating shades)."

Holz quite Nasa years ago to co-found Leap Motion, a Silicon Valley startup making 3D handsets which aim to "change how humans interact with their computers".

Despite its vague messaging Leap Motion has already raised more than $120m from the likes of Founders Fund and JP Morgan.

The ex-physicist dropped out of his PhD in maths at the University of North Carolina to found the hotshot tech firm.

He was featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Consumer Technology seven years ago.

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