Driver returns to car to find rude note about parking job outside supermarket

An abusive note was left on a driver's windscreen – branding them a "f***wit" – over the way their car was parked outside a supermarket.

The driver had apparently parked across two spaces, leaving fellow motorists irate while they were looking for an open spot before doing their shopping.

One driver was so angry that they decided to leave a passive aggressive note for the person while they were inside the store in Sydney, Australia.

The note, tucked under a windscreen wiper blade, read "I am a f***wit taking up two (2) parking spots" and, for good measure, added at the end: "I am a f***wit."

A woman snapped a photo of the note and posted it on a local Facebook group for residents of inner-city Newtown, Yahoo! News reported.

The caption read: “The articulation of a Newtownian.”

One person wrote in the comments section that they were “guilty of the notes, although not the profanities”.

Many members in the group backed them in a debate over whether it was the right thing to do.

They also told of their frustration over congestion in the area.

“We've only got parking on one side of the street, and it pisses me [off] to no end when locals… do it [take up two parking spaces],” one man wrote.

Another added: “Selfish gits like that are my biggest bug bear."

The woman who took the photo pointed out that it wasn't her car.

She wrote: “Note: I am a by-stander. Don’t park like a f wit, nor have anger issues."

Parking is at a premium in Newtown, where locals have complained about a lack of parking spaces near their homes.

In the UK, drivers were left shocked when notes were stuck to their parked cars calling them "inconsiderate planks" and "a**wipes".

The typed notes were left on a residential street in Hull in April.

In another incident, a vigilante traffic warden slapped a "you're parked like a t**t" sticker on cars in Plymouth, Devon.

Locals said the mystery resident leaving the abusive stickers was "quite notorious around here".

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