Donald Trump’s team reveal back-up plan if Twitter and Facebook ban POTUS

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The Trump app was launched in April. It sometimes beats out the apps of established news brands such as CNN, New York Times or Reuters. Campaign Manager Brad Parscale told Reuters: “We have always been worried about Twitter and Facebook taking us offline and this serves as a backup.”

Last week, Twitter decided to add warnings against the Trump claim that mail-in ballot results could not be trusted.

For Trump supporters, the app gives the latest campaign news and replaces campaign rallies in a world that is facing coronavirus.

Singing into the app requires a mobile number, allowing the app to ask for campaign donations.

Mr Parscale explained: “The most important, golden thing in politics is a cellphone number.

“When we receive cellphone numbers, it really allows us to identify them across the databases.

“Who are they, voting history, everything.”

The app has a reward points system which the campaign says could even be used to secure a meeting with the POTUS himself.

Joe Biden’s campaign also has an app.

This one also allows people to donate and volunteer but it does not offer new information or connect to the former Vice-President’s virtual campaign events.

Stefan Smith, a Democratic digital strategist who worked for Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign, said Trump’s team had created an app where voters were encouraged to stay for as long as possible.

Mr Smith explained: “The Trump campaign is a media company with an electoral component.”

Bill Bigby, a Trump supporter in Scranton, Pennsylvania, said the app was the go-to place for campaign news.


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Mr Bigby explained: “We have learned that you can’t trust anything the media says about Trump.

“They just don’t like him.”

Mr Pascale admitted this was an intended aim: “I think everything we do is to counter the media.

“This is another tool in the tool shed to fight that fight, and it’s a big tool.”

According to Oddschecker, Mr Biden is now the bookies favourite to win the November election.

Polling on FiveThirtyEight forecasts a victory for Mr Biden also.

The most recent polls from Ipsos, YouGov and RMG Research all see Mr Biden winning the election.

Civqis’ latest poll has Trump being ahead by 12 percentage points.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll on Sunday had Mr Biden on 53 percent and Trump on 43.

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