Deaf kids sign Christmas wishes to Santa in Calgary

Smiles abounded as deaf and hard-of-hearing kids shared a special visit with Old Saint Nick in Calgary on Saturday.

Inside Out Theatre hosted the American Sign Language event at Eau Claire Market.

Colleen Ruhl had been looking for a Kris Kringle who would understand her five-year-old son.

“It’s a really independent way for our children to be able to communicate with someone and tell Santa what they want instead of him telling me what he wants and me then translating it to Santa,” she said.

“It gives him a time to be independent and have that real magical Christmas moment with Santa.”

Ruhl said her son was initially nervous to meet the man in red.

“I think he thought he was in trouble because Santa will understand everything he says,” she said. “He’s not used to adults understanding what he was saying when he signs, so he was really just excited to see Santa and for Santa to know how to talk to him.”

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