Dancer in Weinstein film testifies he sexually assaulted her

‘Dirty Dancing’ actress tells Harvey Weinstein’s LA rape trial that movie producer pushed her onto a bed and performed a sex act on her face after being reassured about going into a hotel room with him by his assistant

  • Dancer who worked on Harvey Weinstein’s movie ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights’ in 2003 claimed he sexual assaulted her and performed a sex act on top of her
  • Ashley M. told jury how Weinstein took her to a hotel room to sexually assault her
  • Weinstein pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape and seven of sexual assault

A dancer in a film produced by Harvey Weinstein has testified that the movie mogul pushed her onto a hotel room bed and performed a sex act on top of her.

The woman, known only as Ashley M., broke down in tears as she told a Los Angeles courtroom how Weinstein had sexually assaulted her and demanded that she give him a ‘naked massage’. 

Ashley M. told the court she was 22 years old when she met Weinstein on the set of his movie ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights’ in Puerto Rico as she was working as a dancing double for one of the movie’s stars.

She told the jury that Weinstein took her to a hotel in the country where he ripped off her clothes, straddled her before performing a sex act on himself while touching her breasts.

Ashley M. was visibly upset and cried during her testimony on Thursday during the trial where Weinstein is charged with rape and sexual assault. She told the jury: ‘He just said ‘it’s OK, it’s not like we’re having sex’.’  

Describing what happened after after Weinstein had finished his sex act, she told the jury: ‘I was just really thankful that I wasn’t raped. I remember thinking and I remember wiping off just getting dressed really fast and leaving really fast.’

Ashley M said that she had been ‘freaked out’ after meeting Weinstein on the movie set but the presence of and reassurance of his assistant, Bonnie Hung, convinced her it was OK to go with him to his hotel. 

A dancer in a film produced by Harvey Weinstein has testified that the movie mogul pushed her onto a hotel room bed and performed a sex act on top of her. Pictured: Weinstein inside the LA courtroom on October 4 

She said that Hung had told her that she would remain with the two of them the entire time, and that he just wanted to talk about future projects.

But as they walked down the hall of Weinstein’s hotel toward a door, she said: ‘I started to get more worried, but Bonnie was there with her clipboard.’

‘Harvey opened it and then he went in and I went in,’ she said, pausing as she began to cry. ‘And then Bonnie shut the door behind us. I was like, “oh no, what do I do?”‘

She said Weinstein quickly became aggressive, pushing her on to the bed and taking her top off before performing a sex act on top of her.

Ashley M. was the second Weinstein accuser to take the stand at the trial, and the first of four who are not involved in the charges him but are being allowed to testify to show a propensity for such acts by Weinstein.

Judge Lisa B. Lench told jurors before the woman’s testimony that they would receive instructions later on how to consider it.

Weinstein, already serving a 23-year sentence for a New York conviction that is under appeal, has pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles to four counts of rape and seven other counts of sexual assault. He has repeatedly denied engaging in any non-consensual sex.

Ashley M. appeared rattled as she walked to the stand late in the day Thursday, and began crying before any questions were asked.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said repeatedly to Judge Lisa Lench, who replied that she had nothing to be sorry for and called for a short break.

She gathered herself and began her testimony, saying she had been a professional ballet dancer who had just shifted to dancing in Hollywood.

The woman, known only as Ashley M., broke down in tears as she told a Los Angeles courtroom how Weinstein had sexually assaulted her and demanded that she give him a ‘naked massage’. Pictured: Court sketch of Weinstein from October 26 


JANE DOE #1 – Unidentified Italian actress 

Forced oral copulation – February 18, 2013

Sexual penetration by foreign object – February 18, 2013

Forcible rape against the same woman on the same day – February 18, 2013


Sexual battery – February 19, 2013


Sexual battery by restraint – May 11, 2010.

‘Weinstein unlawfully touched an intimate part of Jane Doe #3 while she was unlawfully restrained’.

JANE DOE #4 – Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Forcible oral copulation – September 2005

Forcible rape – September 2005


Forcible oral copulation November – 2009

Forcible rape – November 2009

Forcible oral copulation – November 2010

Forcible rape – November 2010

She said that Weinstein appeared on the set while they were filming in a ballroom, and asked her to step outside.

Ashley M. said Weinstein talked about her giving him a naked massage, and she tried to assuage him by saying she was engaged, and that she was needed on the set.

She said Weinstein told her he was the boss and got to decide who needed to be on set.

The woman called her mother and her then-fiance, who told her to seek help from others on the set. Then someone said it was time for a meal break.

‘I thought, “whew, saved by the bell”,’ she testified.

During the break, she asked the films choreographer and a producer what to do, but got the sense that they didn’t want to upset Weinstein.

‘Did either of them give you any sort of help?’ Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez asked.

‘No,’ Ashley M. said.

‘How did you feel then?’ Martinez asked.

‘Freaked out,’ the witness answered.

Ashley M. said when the returned to the set Weinstein was waiting there with a limo, and Hung.

‘I felt better just knowing I wasn’t alone,’ she said.

The Associated Press does not typically name people who say they have been sexually abused unless they have come forward publicly.

Ashley M. told her story to the New York Times in October of 2017, when the newspaper’s accounts of women who say Weinstein sexually assaulted them put the movie executive at the center of the #MeToo movement.

Thursday was the first time she has told her story in a courtroom.

Ashley M. is expected to return to the witness stand for more questioning from prosecutors Friday, followed by cross-examination from Weinstein’s defense.

On Thursday, the court also heard from a personal driver for Weinstein who testified that he drove the producer to a Los Angeles hotel on the night that he allegedly raped a woman at a hotel a short distance away.

Alfred ‘Freddy’ Baroth, 74, who drove for the producer for many years, testified that he picked Weinstein up from his private jet – with a ‘hidden tail number’ – on February 17, 2013, at the Van Nuys airport and deposited him at the Peninsula Hotel soon after midnight.

Weinstein has been accused of raping an unnamed model-actress at a nearby hotel that same night.

Baroth gave his testimony the day after the accuser, known only as Jane Doe 1, wrapped up her testimony on Wednesday night.

She claimed she was sexually assaulted by Weinstein in 2013 and forced to perform oral sex as he had problems maintaining an erection.

His former driver confirmed that anything Weinstein did ‘outside’ of his car would not be in his ‘range of knowledge.’

Baroth testified that his company, Limousines of Los Angeles, garnered over 60 percent of its business from Weinstein and his company.

The chauffeur also indicated that Weinstein encouraged him to break traffic laws when he was in a hurry.

‘If we were running late,’ Baroth said, ‘there was no such thing as a red light. If we were in a hurry we would go through it.’

Baroth said Weinstein frequented the Peninsula hotel, which was a ‘five or six-minute drive’ from nearby hotel Mr. C, which Weinstein never stayed at but would attend functions there.

Jane Doe 1 claims she was raped at Mr. C as she attended the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival.

Baroth confirmed that he drove Weinstein the night of the alleged assault, but Weinstein’s defense has attempted to point to discrepancies in his timing of events.

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