Damage to ION LRT vehicle from recent collision pegged at around $20,000

The final tally for the damage to the ION LRT vehicle, which was involved in a collision last week with an SUV, has been pegged at around $20,000.

Initially, estimates pegged the cost to be around $30,000 but a spokesperson told Global News Friday that number was a little high.

This is the first time that an ION vehicle has been involved in any sort of collision they said.

The vehicle returned to testing on Tuesday as the planned launch date for the ION system is June 21st.

Shortly after noon on May 31, Waterloo Regional Police say they were called to Water Street North and Duke Street West in response to the collision

Police said there were four people in the SUV, two of which suffered minor injuries.

A spokesperson for ION told Global News that the driver was uninjured but was shook up by the incident.

Police said the driver of the SUV was facing several charges in connection to the incident.

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