Conwoman who got £70k in gifts from besotted OAP pretended to be Wonderbra model

An escort who has avoided jail after accepting £70,000 in gifts and cash from a pensioner has a history of fraud, including posing as a Wonderbra model.

Tanya Rowe, 42, received large amounts of cash and gifts from an 83-year old retired entrepreneur during a series of encounters in Chester.

Rowe, who also used the name Mia Cavalli, was charged shortly after she was given a £7850 Rolex watch and a new car for her son when she met the wealthy retired entrepreneur in a swanky Italian restaurant, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Rowe, who claimed she was a manager for Cartier jewellers, received £300 a time cash handouts and lavish gifts from the pensioner.

After she was rumbled, she admitted taking money and gifts from him but was cleared last month at Chester Crown Court of defrauding the OAP.

She pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing fake Cartier payslips which enabled her to rent out a £250,000 apartment.

But although she avoided prison on this occasion and sobbed in court as she was instead given a 15-month suspended sentence, she has a long history of fraud – including posing as a Wonderbra model.

Rowe had previously been jailed over a crime spree in which she filched £61,000 from victims by posing as an Italian heiress waiting to inherit £30 million, a top barrister and a terminally ill cancer sufferer, as well as a lingerie model.

Past victims included property landlords, a waitress who lost her £5,000 savings and big companies, including estate agents Hamptons International and Savills, and a wealth management firm in Cheltenham.

In 2005, she was caught trying to smuggle Class A drugs into a prison and, a year later, she was jailed for three years, reports the Daily Mail.

On her release, she moved to Essex, and in 2008 she conned a mag into running a feature describing her battle with terminal breast and ovarian cancer.

A few months later, she appeared as a celebrity guest with the mayor of Dartford at a cancer charity event, where she was billed as “Wonderbra model Tanya Rowe, who herself has cancer."

She took part in professional photoshoots, but having told people she had weeks to live, she then had to move away.

She was jailed at Gloucester Crown Court in 2016 for five years when her frauds caught up with her, but after her early release she moved to the north-west of England, where she targeted her latest victim.

In the most recent case, the businessman denied an affair, claimed he had no idea she was an escort and insisted he had lent Rowe the money expecting to be paid back.

He was also said to have purchased a gold sex aide for her, bought DVDs from the Nice 'n' Naughty adult boutique in Chester, and told her to wear "loose bra, no knickers" when meeting for a meal in the city.

Amongst the money he lavished on Rowe was £13,000 to buy a Ford Focus car for her son Charlie Smith, 24.

When asked about their relationship, he insisted they were "acquaintances" and that it was ''100% not a physical relationship”.

But he said one evening when they met up she was half-naked and "jumped" into his arms, and they ended up on the couch for a ''fumble”. He added she would send him "obscene, dirty" messages and he would reply in a "jocular" way.

On another night, he was said to be ''sickened'' when she turned up at his home with "equipment", which turned out to include a sex aid.

He said some of his responses to her texts had innocent explanations and denied claims Rowe told him she was actually an escort.

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