China predicts ‘final madness’ in Trump’s last days with military on stand-by

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Beijing has warned the US its military is on stand-by as Joe Biden’s administration is set to succeed Mr Trump’s in two months time. China predicts the transition of power between the two US administrations will be contentious and could descend into chaos. Now China’s state-run propaganda mouth-piece the Global Times has warned the nation is “prepared to act militarily” if there is a provocation from Washington.

The Global Times said: “The mainland has made preparations, including exerting stronger military pressure and carrying out punishments.”

It added: “The People’s Liberation Army conducted intensive military exercises in the Taiwan Straits region recently.

“One of the purposes was to deal with challenges during the US government transition.

“Once the US and Taiwan island touch the bottom line, the mainland will fight a war.

“China is fully prepared to act militarily.”

The politburo in Beijing is studying Mr Trump’s current actions, with many suggesting he may try to create a constitutional crisis to hang on to power.

China’s state-run propaganda mouth-piece the Global Times today claimed Mr Trump would set a “political trap” for the Biden administration.

The Global Times accused Mr Trump of “setting obstacles” for Mr Biden so he could “disrupt” the inauguration of a Democrat-led administration.

The communist tabloid said Mr Trump’s signing of executive orders that would affect China’s tech sector “anti-China”.

The Global Times also said it was the “final act of the madness from the Trump administration”.

Mr Trump made executive orders affecting China’s ability to purchase sophisticated US tech products.

Also, his administration signed another executive order concerning threats from China’s securities investments that finance Chinese military companies.

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These orders will take effect on January 11, 2021.

The orders forbid US citizens to have direct ownership of shares and investments in 31 Chinese firms.

These firms include tech giant Huawei.

The tabloid said it would now be hard for Mr Biden to retract Mr Trump’s executive orders without looking like he was being “soft” on China.

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