China FURY: Beijing erupts as US nears key deal with Israel ‘scandalous!’

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Chen Weihua from the Chinese state outlet the China Daily described Beijing’s indignation: “This is scandalous and ungrateful. Chinese cities like Shanghai provided a safe haven to some 30,000 Jews fleeing Nazi Europe in WWII, but now Israel returns the favor by being a US poodle against China in 5G.”

Chinese state tabloid the Global Times has warned Israel’s cooperation with China could be in jeopardy because of the movements with the US over 5G. 

The Global Times said: “In the future this may affect normal economic, trade and investment activities between China and Israel.

“China-Israel relations are unlikely to be substantially hit by groundless allegations by some senior US officials, but China should act more cautiously when trading with or investing in Israel.”

The Jerusalem Post reported the intention of Israel in following the US lead on using Huawei.

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The newspaper read, “Israel will choose to only allow trusted vendors in its 5G networks.”

The US side welcomed Tel Aviv’s wariness in using Huawei.

A statement from the state department said: “There is a long-term threat to data privacy, security, and human rights posed to the free world from authoritarian malign actors, such as the Chinese Communist Party, CCP.”


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