Charles given anti-wrinkle cream by cheeky farmers – and palms it off to Camilla

An eventful hour-long visit to a hippie farming centre saw Prince Charles vow to share some anti-wrinkle cream with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The heir to the throne opened FarmED in Oxfordshire, a new green education centre teaching the latest cutting-edge trends in agriculture.

He had a brief encounter with a colony of bees and is said to have promised his wife the honey-based anti-wrinkle cream he was offered.

Beekeepers look after 60,000 honey-makers in tree trunks at Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire.

Mother and daughter Tanya and Esme Hawkes, 56 and 30 respectively, are professional beekeepers who run a successful commercial operation.

But they also produce a renowned anti-wrinkle cream using the invaluable resource.

When offered to Charles, the Hawkes said he palmed it off to Camilla.

Tanya said: “He said he would give it a try and share it with his other half and let us know how he got on.”

Tanya also joked the cream was so effective she was really 150 and Esme her granddaughter.

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The Hawkes wisely kept Charles away from their bee collection, saying they were behaving erratically that day and could sting him.

Charles joked he did not want to be stung, especially on camera.

He added: "Erratic may be a slight euphemism.”

At the end of an hour-long tour of the 170-acre facility, Charles celebrated the achievements of founders Ian and Celene Wilkinson.

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Charles said: “I am thrilled to have had the brief – far too brief – opportunity to see the remarkable things you are doing here, if I may say so.

“What you are showing people and introducing them to is of such great importance in terms of regenerative agriculture and is reminding people of the absolute critical importance of the health of the soil, building soil fertility, capturing the carbon.

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“If we could regenerate much more of the soil around the world we (could) capture at least 70% or something of the carbon emissions."

The Prince has long been a keen environmental campaigner, running Gloucestershire estate Highgrove in line with his green principles.

Though Charles made waves last year when he told Vogue he was ignored when campaigning for sustainability during the 1980s and 1990s.

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He told the magazine: "It’s always been considered uneconomic and nobody was very interested.

"But now, after years of trying in this area – nearly 40 years in my case – suddenly, the interest has become enormous, at the last minute, when it’s almost too late."

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