Bruce Lee lookalike with goal to make action films is battling to flee Taliban to reach UK

A BRUCE Lee lookalike hiding from the Taliban is battling to flee to the UK to make action films.

Afghan actor Abbas Alizada, 28, says the fanatics stabbed to death his training partner.

He fears he is next and cannot stay in one place for more than two days.

The Taliban despise Hazaras such as Abbas. Speaking from a Kabul bolthole he said: “I want to get myself, my two kids and four brothers to the UK.”

Abbas, who posts online videos of his fitness routine including press-ups on two fingers, has been unable to train since August’s takeover.

He rates Way Of The Dragon as the best movie starring his idol Lee, who died aged 32 in 1973.

Abbas’s London-based solicitor Mahtab Aziz said he had made four martial arts films and landed a part in a Hollywood movie before Covid trapped him.

The lawyer added: “The Taliban are very unpredictable and Abbas could easily be killed.

"He is a very impressive martial arts fighter and boxer with huge potential to become the next Bruce Lee.”

Pakistan could allow Abbas and his family to move there within days.

Mr Aziz added: “He wants to come to the UK because I’m here and he trusts me.

I believe he could take the UK film industry by storm. He’s very charismatic.”

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