Bride-to-be hounded by pervy men after modelling her wedding dress on Twitter

A bride-to-be was left astounded by the number of men who contacted her after she posted a photo modelling her wedding dress for her soon to be marriage.

Kay, a mum of three, was clearly over the moon with her perfect dress and wanted to share the photo on Twitter, knowing her future husband does not use the platform.

In the Tweet Kay wrote: "My man doesn’t have Twitter so everyone look at my wedding dress."

Things quickly took an unexpected turn though when the Tweet went viral and was shared over 24,000 times.

The stunning dress by Galina Signature clearly made the 25-year-old overwhelmed with happiness as she beamed a huge smile in the photo.

What really shocked Kay though was just how many men took the photo as opportunity to "slide into her DMS" with rather forward messages.

According to the Sun one stranger, and clear party pooper, tried to send the photo to the groom on Facebook but thankfully he didn't open it.

Kay joked: ""I didn't know it was going to go viral. Worst case scenario, he sees it and it's not a surprise. I still get to marry him. That's what matters."

She also mocked the men who used the photo as a signal to approach her with flirty messages.

"Men really saw a viral tweet of me in a wedding dress and thought that was the perfect opportunity to slide into my DMs. They really have the audacity," she wrote.

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Kay also shared some of the private messages that she received from slimy men with their tragic chat-up lines.

One message sent to Kay said: "Hey baby I'm in need of a loyal and trustworthy sugar baby too."

While some of the replies to the initial Tweet were rather cringy many of the others wished her well in her marriage.

One person wrote: "You look so pretty! And I love the dress."

Another commented: "A beautiful dress to the gorgeous girl… he is very lucky. Good luck to both of you, and hope it goes well :)"

And a third wrote: "You look very happy & gorgeous in your fabulous wedding dress"

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