Boris Johnson’s Brexit solution can only work if he’s ready for No Deal – The Sun

BORIS Johnson says no one sensible would aim exclusively for a No Deal Brexit.

But no one responsible would take No Deal off the table.

The Sun on Sunday couldn’t have put it better.

The bookie’s favourite to become the next Prime Minister is preparing his own solution to the Irish border problem which torpedoed Theresa May’s deal.

If Boris does get the top job, he believes he has found a formula that would avoid Britain being locked into the customs union.

But the ex-Foreign Secretary knows he will only have leverage with blinkered EU leaders if they are convinced he will walk away.

Naturally, this has scared off Tory Remainers like rudderless Amber Rudd. These Europhile whingers long to delay Brexit again and again until it runs into the long grass for ever.
But the next leader of the Tory Party must win back the trust of bedrock voters who have deserted it in droves for the Brexit Party.

On Thursday, Nigel Farage could chalk up another ballot box shock with the election of the first Brexit Party MP in the Peterborough by-election.

Time is of the essence for the Tories and Boris knows it.

October 31 must be judgment day.

Save our special trades

BRITAIN has long been forced to recruit abroad to plug an embarrassing lack of home-grown skills.

But it is shameful to see that such a traditional trade as welding is now about to be added to the official shortage list.

We once led the world in engineering, steel and shipbuilding. It is a disgrace that we are poised to import essential skills previously taken for granted.

Years of government indifference and the lure of Mickey Mouse university degrees have led to a whole generation snubbing trade apprenticeships.

Our next PM must get a grip on this fast.

Why should our brave new post-Brexit world have to be built by imported labour?

Come on England

ONE of the greatest ever football seasons has just reached a dizzying climax with four English clubs competing for the two biggest European trophies.

But it is not over yet. On Friday the Women’s World Cup will kick off, and for the first time this thrilling tournament is expected to attract up to a billion viewers.

Phil Neville’s Lionesses have a real chance of bringing home the cup.

Come on, girls!

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