Bloke in agony pulls 11 of his own teeth out and keeps them in glass jar

A bloke in agony who was so fed up with the huge waiting times to see an NHS dentist was forced to pull out 11 of his own teeth in a risky operation at home.

George Glinos, from Liverpool, now keeps his plucked teeth in a jar at his house after he grew frustrated with not being able to sign up to his own practice.

The 67-year-old claims that he rings a surgery on the first day of every month but “nobody is interested” in taking on new patients.

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Fuming George told the Liverpool ECHO that he has had emergency appointments over the intense tooth pain, but they can’t provide the level of dental care he needs and he can’t afford to go private.

He raged: "When you get a problem with your teeth and you can't get a dentist the problem doesn't go away, so you keep taking painkillers and painkillers and then eventually the tooth becomes that bad it starts becoming loose.

"That's when I interject and that's when I force the looseness of it to try and get rid of the tooth. I have to work at them for a few weeks and then pull the damn thing out with pliers.

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"It's incredibly painful, but what can you do? I have got to the stage now where I'm 11 teeth down that it's just par for the course now, well no-one else is going to do it.”

The pained man says he now has trouble eating and digesting food as his condition has become so bad.

He added: "I have either got to sit here and stay in pain or try to reduce the time that I am in pain and do it myself.

"How can you have a viable life if you haven't got a good set of teeth? Your smile is how you greet people."

The NHS advises against self-treatment and tells patients to instead ring 111.

A spokesperson for the NHS in the North West said: “The NHS recently announced the first reforms to dentistry services since 2006 which will support practices to improve access including giving high performing practices the opportunity to increase their activity and treat more patients…

“The COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a disproportionate impact on the North West region, has inevitably led to a disruption in routine dental care with NHS dentists having to focus on providing care for those with an urgent dental need.”

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