Bike racer arrested for murder of bride to give evidence to inquest

Superbike racer arrested for murder after his new bride fell from Dubai hotel window on honeymoon is warned he could incriminate himself when he gives evidence to inquest, coroner says

  • Abigail Elson, 27, fell to her death at hotel in Dubai during her 2013 honeymoon
  • Husband Sean Emmett, 49, was arrested but no action was taken against him
  • An inquest is now exploring whether he contributed to her death
  • Coroner said case will go ahead but Emmett will have time to prepare for appearance as a witness  

An inquest was today exploring whether a superbike racer contributed to the death of his new bride, who died after falling from the window of a honeymoon hotel in Dubai.

A coroner told how Sean Emmett, 49, who used to ride motorcycles competitively in the 1990s, would be given more time with his legal representatives to prepare his case, as he might ‘incriminate himself’ by answering questions during the inquest.

His wife Abigail Elson died on her honeymoon in February 2013, but the circumstances surrounding her death had been shrouded in mystery, as police had probed whether there was any foul play.

An inquest was today exploring whether superbike racer Sean Emmett contributed to the death of his new bride on their honeymoon in 2013

Newlywed Abigail Elson, 27, died on her honeymoon but the circumstances surrounding her death had been shrouded in mystery, as police had probed whether there was any foul play.

The 27-year-old’s husband was arrested on suspicion of her murder on his return to the UK in December 2013, although no charges were ever brought.

In April last year, a pre-inquest review hearing into the death of Ms Elson heard the coroner would consider whether there might be third-party involvement in her death, after evidence was presented suggesting Ms Elson had gone to A&E following an alleged assault by her father-of-three Emmett.

Speaking at Woking Coroners Court today, the assistant Coroner for Surrey, Alison Hewitt said: ‘One aspect of Mr Emett’s evidence that I myself have to consider, and if he is represented have to consider to some extent in the face of views of counsel and of submissions, is the exercise of warning against self-incrimination and what questions shall be put to him.

‘I have an obligation in relation to witnesses if I consider that the answer they may give to a question may incriminate themselves in relation to a criminal matter.

Ms Elson fell to her death from a fourth-storey window at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai, pictured

‘Then I have an obligation to identify the question as being in that category and warn the witness, they are not obliged to answer.

‘If they choose not to answer, I do not draw any adverse inferences from that.’

Ms Hewitt ruled that, although the inquest would go ahead, Mr Emett himself would have an additional week to prepare for his appearance as a witness.

The hearing continues.

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