Biden doesn’t have final say on school reopenings: Psaki

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WASHINGTON — The Biden White House on Wednesday finally acknowledged that teachers don’t need to be vaccinated before returning to the classroom, falling in line with new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on school reopenings.

But at a Wednesday briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeatedly diminished President Biden’s role in both establishing federal guidelines and pressuring the nation’s powerful teachers’ unions to get their members back into classrooms.

At her daily briefing, Psaki was asked if the president believed children could not return to classrooms five days a week without teachers receiving a jab of the vaccine.

“No, neither the president nor the vice president believe that it is a requirement,” Psaki said, endorsing the new guidelines after previously dismissing them.

“The CDC guidelines included a range of mitigation steps, including vaccinations, as recommendations,” she said.

“Now, at the same time, the president and the vice president both believe that teachers should be prioritized and as you all know, that’s up to states to determine.”

The new commander-in-chief has been under growing pressure to use his influence to reopen schools, while his administration is under fire for repeatedly changing their goal for how many days students could return.

Concerns are mounting about the impacts of student isolation caused by an absence of in-person learning, such as in New York, where three city public school students have killed themselves in the last three weeks.

The pro-union president has refrained from squashing dissent from teachers’ unions in the country’s largest cities who have refused to return to work out of fear of contracting COVID-19, despite new data which found a limited spread of coronavirus within classrooms.

In-Person Schooling Continues In Utah As Many Districts Across The Nation Struggle To ReturnIn-Person Schooling Continues In Utah As Many Districts Across The Nation Struggle To Return

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