BBC Weather: Matt Taylor warns Britons over wait for rainfall ‘No end in sight!

BBC Weather: Southern UK possibly dry beyond 10 days

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Weather presenter Matt Taylor has predicted rain to hold off in areas of England for more than ten days with northern Scotland seeing nearly all of the wet weather in the coming days. Talking BBC Breakfast through the weather maps on Saturday, Mr Taylor warned there was “no end in sight” for Britons awaiting an end to the current dry spell in parts of the UK. 

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “Let’s talk about rainfall, first of all, mainly limited to Scotland across the rest of the country though it’s going to be another dry, fairly warm and sunny day after a bit of a chilly start.

“Just showing the rainfall forecast for the next five days, you’ll notice the darker blues were the rainfall totals taught up the western highlands and the Northern and Western Isles come further south and east there are no blues on the chart an indication that there is no rain in the forecast and it goes beyond that.

“Across some southern areas of the UK but could be dry for not just 10 days but possibly beyond that. So no end in sight.

 “Now where we have got the rainfall as I mentioned, it’s across Scotland here it is this morning pushing it across the north and the west.”

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He added: “There are a few splashes further south not a huge amount though in southern Scotland, the odd light in Northern Ireland and we may just catch a little bit in parts of Cumbria, Northumberland.

“Clouds increasing through northern England, north Wales, north Midlands through the day but staying dry for most of us. Some sunny spells brightening up in touch through Scotland, Northern Ireland this afternoon temperature at around 17 to 19 degrees a little bit down to where we’d normally be for this stage in August.

“Warmer further south with blue skies dominating temperatures in the low to mid-20s. Through tonight to go with breezy conditions we’ll see throughout the day in Scotland another breezy night tonight further outbreaks of rain at times but most places will be dry mouth tonight through Scotland, Northern Ireland tonight.

“But head further south just notice the green colours here Midlands to South Wales this is where we could again start with temperatures in lower single figures certainly much fresher morning this morning out there.”

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“And for tomorrow, we’ll do it all again really much of England, Wales dry sunny spurs blue skies the further south you are,” he continued. 

“Northern England a bit more cloud at times as we’ll see Northern Ireland but there will be some religious or mainly across western Scotland this time, a brighter warmer day across eastern Scotland and temperatures are climbing a little bit through parts of England and Wales.

“As they will do into Monday, we’re gonna see yet more rain to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland but most places will be dry varying amounts of clouds sunny spells longest lasting sunshine in the south.

“And notice though right across the board, temperatures starting to lift a bit more widely into the 20s in Scotland, Northern Ireland 27, 28 in the south, and as you go into next week, high pressure builds in its going to bring slightly warmer in off the Atlantic and then it’s just going to sit there and that is going to warm up day by day. 

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Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “So across the southern half of the UK many for much of England and Wales can see temperatures high 20s, low 30s. So maybe mid-30s in one or two spots and some very warm nights to come as well.

“Lots of sunshine, but even where we’ve got the rain at the moment across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the week ahead is looking a little bit dry into next week.

“Still a tiny bit of rain towards the far northwest of Scotland. But here they’ll be a bit of an improvement if you’ve had lots of cool, cloudy and wet conditions this week.

“Bit more sunshine and temperatures will start to rise a touch but certainly not much if anything for the next two weeks across southern parts.”


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