Astrid Wett wows Amazon delivery driver by answering door in racy cowgirl outfit

Astrid Wett had fans saying "yee-haw" after she answered the door to her Amazon delivery driver in a steamy cowgirl outfit.

Posting to her TikTok page, aptly named @TheWettDream, Astrid shared the embarrassing event and revealed that she had put on the outfit because she was waiting for a friend.

"Guys, I've just done it again," she confessed to her 185K followers.

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"I've just answered the door dressed like an X-rated cowgirl thinking it was my friend. It wasn't. It was Amazon.

"So Mr Amazon delivery driver, I hope you are having a good day."

Astrid didn't reveal much of her outfit in the clip other than her cow-print cowgirl hat, but did give viewers a glimpse of the matching cow print bra she was wearing.

Fans were quick to comment on the hilarious vid, with one asking: "isn’t this an everyday occurrence for that Astrid", while another replied: "Her life is like a comedy isn’t it?"

A fan of the OnlyFans star wrote: "I need to work for Amazon".

Another added: "I’m sure you made his week, let alone day," to which Astrid replied with two laughing emojis.

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Others didn't believe that Astrid was telling the whole truth about who she was waiting for.

"'Friend' sure," one wrote sarcastically before another chimed in: "what u doing with ur friend huh".

Astrid's hilarious blunder comes following news that she is set to take part in her first boxing match next month after she pulled out of a fight with Elle Brooke back in July.

This time she will take on TikTok star and Simple Simon's daughter, Keeley Colbran, who she shared a football pitch with earlier this year, and the showdown is set to take place on October 15.

Astrid said: "It's happening guys… after having to pull out of a rubbish boxing card back in May, I'm so privileged to be fighting with one of the best boxing companies in the world.

"So I can't wait to see all of you there and Keeley, I'm coming for ya."

Longtime rivals Astrid and Elle were set to go head-to-head in the ring, but Astrid ultimately pulled out due to safety concerns after her would-be opponent repeatedly made threats to "kill" her in the ring.

Astrid even KingPyn boxing event as a "freakshow" after Elle told Astrid "you're going to bleed from every orifice on your face."

The OnlyFans beauty ended up squaring up against Love Island star AJ Bunker in July, coming out victorious in the close fight.

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