Antifa shooting suspect was previously shot during Portland mob attack: reports

The Antifa security guard allegedly being investigated over the deadly shooting of a President Trump supporter in Portland was previously shot in the arm while grabbing a gun from the white victim of a mob beating, according to reports.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, had displayed his arm wound to a videographer for Bloomberg news in July — claiming he used his military training to take a handgun from someone fighting a group of black teens.

“I jumped in there and pulled the gun away … and I got shot through the arm,” he said, admitting his teenage daughter was with him and a witness.

Now the 38-year-old man whose gun was stolen, Aaron Scott Collins, has told The Oregonian that he and a friend were set upon while being called “Nazis” for trying to film an older man being harassed.

At least a dozen people attacked him, he said — alleging that the mob included Marquise Love, the 25-year-old Black Lives Matter security guard charged with kicking a driver unconscious last month.

Collins said he was struck in the head from behind with a skateboard and could feel people trying to take his 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun, for which he has a concealed weapons permit, from a holster on his hip.

“I realized people were trying to pull the gun out of my hand … I’m fighting for physical control of the gun,’’ Collins told the paper.

“I felt someone trying to yank on it, the top part of the slide. They’re yanking on it really hard. After the second or third jerk, the gun goes off,” he recalled, not realizing Reinoehl had been shot.

As he tried to escape to safety, he was tackled to his knees and the gun skidded away from him, he said. “People are yelling, ‘Drop the gun. Kill these Nazis!’” Collins said, claiming he was “pinned.”

“I was scared at the moment they were going to take it and use it on me,” he said of his gun, which police confirmed is still missing.

Police arrived and ordered him to the ground, Collins said, before he was taken to a local hospital, suffering a concussion and bloody lip.

Collins believes he and his friend — who lost his cellphone in the affray — were attacked because they are white and tattooed.

“I’m not a white supremacist. I have conservative leanings, but I try to keep them to myself and play nice with everybody,” he told the paper.

Police told The Oregonian the attack is still being investigated.

Police sources previously told the paper that Reinoehl — who proudly calls himself “100% Antifa” — is being investigated for Saturday’s fatal shooting of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, 39, a man who had just been part of a caravan of cars supporting Trump.

A police spokesperson stressed that those reports are “unverified and unconfirmed,” and Reinoehl has not been officially named as a suspect. No arrests have been announced in the ongoing investigation.

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