Amazon delivery driver caught ‘doing a poo’ on CCTV outside customer’s home

A man was outraged after an Amazon delivery driver appeared to do a poo outside his home moments after dropping off a package, as shown on his CCTV.

Darren Passman, 46, said he cleaned up the mess left behind himself with a jet washer after the unidentified man was apparently caught short.

The footage, taken moments after the delivery, shows the driver squatting down outside his living room window.

He stands up, adjusts his trousers then walks away after looking around.

Darren told the Manchester Evening News : "He walks around the back of the flat, bends down, and does a number two.

"And yes, I did go outside and check. Who would do a thing like that? It's just disgusting."

Darren, an engineer from Northern Moor, said he complained to Amazon and they offered him a £150 voucher, a Christmas hamper and a year's free subscription to Prime TV.

Amazon, in response, said the incident before Christmas "does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners".

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The driver involved, they said, would "'no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon".

Darren, whose flat is protected by CCTV cameras, ordered three items worth £20.97 in total using Amazon Prime on December 11 last year.

His package was delivered by the driver at around 6.47pm the following day and he later noticed something strange on his CCTV.

"There was a lot of poo on the floor and I cleaned it up straight away," he said.

He added: "I am just disgusted with it all.

"I am disgusted that someone could do something like that."

In correspondence with Darren, Amazon said they could "arrange to have the affected property cleaned by professionals".

They said the incident was "incredibly unpleasant and absolutely unacceptable" and "senior management at the carrier" would fully investigate.

In a statement, Amazon told the MEN: "This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners.

"The driver will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon."

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