Yellowstones Mo Brings Plenty warns fans of fraudulent online imposter Frustrates me

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Mo Brings Plenty’s manager Michelle Shining Elk issued a strong warning for the Yellowstone actor’s followers this week after a disturbing series of scams. His Instagram account assured fans the Paramount Network star and rancher had not been direct messaging followers as yet another fraudulent account popped up on the social media platform.

Michelle took action in Mo’s latest post and clarified the Yellowstone star would never make contact with someone he didn’t know.

She made a statement on the actor’s behalf to bring attention to the scam account @mobringsplenty_.

The imposter had been messaging his followers on Instagram and convincing them they were chatting to the Yellowstone star.

Mo’s manager pleaded: “Please don’t be fooled by any of these accounts that keep popping up.”

Sadly, the Yellowstone regular has already dealt with several other fraudulent users during his time on social media.

He made his first post in 2020 and has since been keeping fans up-to-date with his evolving role in the popular Paramount series.

Unfortunately, it appears someone has taken advantage of his social media presence and used his name to trick Mo’s social media followers.

Manager Michelle continued: “mobringsplenty__ is DMing people, convincing them it’s him, but it’s not.”

She explained the actor and rancher is usually too busy to spend much time on social media, especially to connect with fans he hadn’t met previously.

“Ranching has Mo working long before the sun comes up and well after it goes down,” she explained. “And when he’s not ranching he’s working on set somewhere.”

“Mo will occasionally respond to DMs he has received from friends, but he has NEVER initiated a DM, not with anyone.”

In his day-to-day life, Mo will usually use the “old-fashioned” way to contact his friends and colleagues and call them on the phone.

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Michelle added: “This stuff frustrates me because it was hard enough to get him on here to end up having to deal with these fake accounts and the lowly people who create them.

“If Instagram would just VERIFY him this wouldn’t be a problem.”

She then called on Mo’s fans to give her own account, @michelleshiningelk, a DM and report to Instagram when they spot a fake account.

His manager also expressed her annoyance with the social platform for not verifying the actor despite him starring in one of the biggest shows in the US.

In the popular modern Western drama, Mo portrays the right-hand man to the Broken Rock Reservation’s Chief, Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), also named Mo.

He has dedicated his life to serving his tribe, which often leads to close encounters with the immovable Montana ranch owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

In the latest season, he helped John’s son Kayce (Luke Grimes) find his way while he continues to struggle with his guilty conscience.

With a fifth season all but confirmed, Mo is tipped to reprise his long-standing role as production is expected to get started again soon.

Yellowstone seasons 1-4 are available to stream on the Paramount Network in the USA now. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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