Why Fans Don’t Want Gwen Stefani to Replace Adam Levine on ‘The Voice’

The news is out: Adam Levine is stepping down from his role on The Voice, and Gwen Stefani will step in to take his place. Previously a full-time coach on seasons seven, nine, and twelve, Gwen Stefani is back to take a seat in one of the four coveted red chairs.

Currently involved in a romantic relationship with Blake Shelton, many are wondering if the pair’s bedroom talk somehow translated into a business deal, leading to Stefani’s casting selection. Given the singer’s previous reception as a coach, many fans hoped another former coach would have stepped in to replace Adam Levine.

Nepotism aside, there are several reasons fans do not want Gwen Stefani to replace Adam Levine. From the nasty comments berating the performer’s vocal talent – or lack thereof – to her competency as a judge, it only takes a little bit of hunting to discover the common themes underlying fans’ dissatisfaction with Stefani’s return to the show.

Gwen Stefani and her superficial focus on ‘The Voice’

As many fans know, The Voice is designed to eliminate that immediate connection people tend to make between talent and appearance. Whether or not someone has “star potential” – based on surface-level looks and style choices – has nothing to do with “the voice” (pun intended). However, some fans feel that Gwen Stefani focused too heavily on contestants’ images, contradicting the very foundation on which the show was built. One fan stated:

“She was really bad. Everything was superficial with her, and the one amazing artist she had that really made every song “his own” she pushed into just doing the same covers that everyone else was doing, and quickly he was gone.”

The sentiment above echoes a similar one shared by Gold Derby:

“My biggest issue with Stefani is her love affair with the clothes an image of an artist. For a series called “The Voice,” it is the opposite of what the show stands for ar its very core.”

Gwen Stefani’s focus on “image” turned away many viewers, leaving fans waiting for the day she would be replaced; however, her superficial coaching style was only one of the many flaws fans cited.

Is Gwen Stefani talented enough to coach ‘The Voice, and will her presence change the show’s overall vibe for the worse?

From one viewer simply writing, “she can’t sing!” to stating that ‘The Voice’ is now bound to become the “Blake and Gwen show,” many fans fear that Stefani does not boast the talent to coach, nor does she possess a captivating enough energy to rival the dynamic between Adam and Blake.

Adam and Blake’s dynamic was crucial to the show’s success and, given Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship, it’s likely that the lovebirds will be the new duo designated to fill this void. Many do not believe Stefani is up to the challenge, calling her “stale” and cringe-worthy.

Some fans argue that Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys would have been better choices, as both coaches brought a new and inspiring level of energy to the production. One fan states that these two judges, unlike Gwen, were “genuinely interested in the best for their artists.”

Many fans are against Gwen Stefani’s return, and she came in tenth (out of twelve listed coaches) in a poll by Ranker. So, why exactly is she coming back to the show? Do those behind the show see something that the fans may be missing, or is this a case of nepotism at its finest?

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