What was Olivia Wilde's 'incel' comment and why did Jordan Peterson break down in tears? | The Sun

OLIVIA Wilde's Don't Worry Darling has been hugely popular recently, with some drama emerging from behind the scenes of the film.

However, the latest topic is Jordan Peterson crying after comments Olivia made, but what did she say?

What did Olivia Wilde say about Jordan Peterson?

During an interview with Interview Magazine, Olivia Wilde said that Chris Pine's character in Don't Worry Darling is inspired by Jordan Peterson.

Olivia described Jordan as 'this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community'.

Pine stars as Frank in the film who is the founder of a utopian 1950s community in the desert known as the Victory Project.

The movie centres on Florence Pugh’s Alice, a Victory Project housewife who discovers her idyllic community is harbouring dark secrets.


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Olivia said: "[Incels are] basically disenfranchised, mostly white men, who believe they are entitled to sex from women, and they believe that society has now robbed them — that the idea of feminism is working against nature, and that we must be put back into the correct place."

She then described Peterson as someone who 'legitimizes certain aspects of their movement because he’s a former professor, he’s an author, he wears a suit, so they feel like this is a real philosophy that should be taken seriously'.

Why did Jordan Peterson break down in tears?

Jordan Peterson was left in tears during an interview with Piers Morgan when the broadcaster asked him how he felt about Olivia Wilde's comments.

Morgan asked: "The film director Olivia Wilde has a new movie out, which she says is based on you. She says this insane man, this insane man, this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community, incel being these weirdo loner men who are despicable in many ways. Is that you? Are you the intellectual hero to these people?"

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Holding back tears, Peterson replied: "Sure, why not. People have been after me for a long time because I have been speaking to disaffected young men, what a terrible thing to do that is."

He then went on to say that he thought 'the marginalized were supposed to have a voice.'

However, when he first heard Wilde's comments, Peterson said he watched the trailer for Don't Worry Darling and the comparison 'didn't really bother' him.

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