We look at the future of Treason on Netflix

Treason: Trailer for Netflix series

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Treason may have only landed today (Boxing Day) on Netflix but some viewers have already raced through the entire series and are keen to know about the future of the drama. The show delves into the British secret intelligence service and double-dealing agents. Express.co.uk takes a look at the show and whether there could be more episodes.

Will there be another series of Treason on Netflix?

Sadly, the answer is no after Netflix confirmed Treason was due to be a limited series.

Although Treason has been billed as a limited series, depending on the drama’s success, there could possibly be scope for more.

Netflix has become more discerning with its renewals in recent years as competition in the streaming field has intensified with more services popping up.

The streamer looks very carefully at the audience figures before making decisions and many shows getting the chop if they don’t cut it.


Treason Netflix cast: Who is in the cast?

Depending on how the story winds up, Treason could be left open with loose ends and possibly more plot.

If this is the case, the main cast could return again for more episodes as well as new actors as the story expands in new directions.

Alternatively, the show could always be turned into an anthology series with a new season telling a fresh story of intrigue and betrayal within the espionage genre as well as a new cast to boot.

Given the impressive cast for the series, it’s highly likely an equally stellar roster of names could be signed up for any future series.

Netflix is highly likely to drop the drama again as a boxset for viewers to binge watch in one setting given the fast-paced storytelling.

Writer Matt Charman, who was also behind the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie Bridge of Spies, said he wanted to cook up a tale with “real people” caught up in a “high stakes” situation.

Charman said he wanted to create something close to legendary thriller writer John Le Carré’s work combined with “compelling psychological portraits of human beings”.

Treason follows Adam Lawrence (played by Charlie Cox), who is promoted to the head of MI6 after his boss Sir Martin Angelis (Ciarán Hinds) is the subject of an execution plot.

Lawrence is the youngest head of MI6 and there are raised eyebrows over whether he is up to the job.

Moreover, suspicion starts of fall on Lawrence with fears he may have already been compromised and could be working for another side.

Later, it emerges fellow operative Kara Yerzov (Olga Kurylenko) was behind the move and is in league with Lawrence.

Thus a twisty story emerges as viewers are left questioning where allegiances lie and if Lawrence is indeed an innocent or a double agent.

Charman reflected about how much he drew on real-life for Treason and if main character Lawrence was based on anyone.

He said: “Through different projects before this, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a couple of people who work in the intelligence services, people who have been operatives, and what’s always struck me about those in that line of work is how brilliantly they fit into everyday life – how well and easy it would be to meet them at a party or sit next to them on the tube, have a little chat with them and not know what they do for a living.

“These are people who aren’t just good at pretending to be part of us, they are part of us. They’re drawn from our world and our society.

“I wanted Adam to feel that way; I wanted him to feel like someone you might have gone to university with or who you might have bumped into in a supermarket or a book shop.”

Charman added: “He had to feel real and relatable and fallible, and that was my starting point for him.”

Treason is streaming on Netflix now

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