Tyler kills Robert in shocking Corrie exit storyline?

Coronation Street could be lining up a killer end for Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) as teenage tearaway Tyler Jefferies (Will Barnett) – who previously almost killed a pensioner in her own home and got Amy Barlow pregnant – threatens to kill him.

Robert has been secretly seeing Tyler’s mum Vicky (Kerri Quinn) who is now expecting his baby but now that he and Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) have reunited, he has decided to call time on their secret affair. Vicky is devastated by Robert’s rejection while an oblivious Michelle tells her son Ryan (Ryan Prescott) how happy she is and that this time, she and Robert will stick it out.

But not long since discovering that her last husband Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) fathered a baby behind her back, Michelle could be in for the shock of her life if she finds out that Vicky is expecting Robert’s child. And that’s if Robert even survives as Tyler is on the warpath.

As Vicky confides in her son what has happened, he explodes and determines to confront Robert – and kill him. With Tristan soon set to leave his role as Robert, will it be at the hands of a violent and vengeful Tyler?

Or will Robert survive the wrath of the angry teenager and try his best to keep a secret other life away from Michelle?

With Kym also set to leave her role as Michelle, a dramatic exit is predicted for both characters. But how involved an angry Tyler will be remains to be seen…

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