Tipping Point viewers enraged over ITV contestants running commentary

Tipping Point fans have shared a big frustration about the latest episode.

Tuesday's edition (May 17) of the ITV quiz show saw viewers ruffled by the loudness of one particular contestant, as retired council worker Jenni from Derbyshire appeared on the programme.

As the contest got underway, viewers picked up on the fact that Jenni was frequently interrupting her fellow players as well as Tipping Point host Ben Shephard.

Some viewers were left so fed up with Jenni's antics that they even confessed to being left 'reaching for the mute button' while discussing the episode with other Tipping Point fans on Twitter.

One disgruntled viewer wrote: "I think I might have to put this on mute #tippingpoint."

Another commented: "Today's episode is happily sponsored by the mute button."

A third said: "Can Jenni please stop with commentary, it's not a sports match."

Meanwhile, a fourth viewer added: "Shut up with the commenting Jenni!!"

"Jenni's annoying me so much with her incessant wittering, I've switched channels!!!" Another concluded.

Jenni also drew ire from viewers after deeming the Tipping Point machine "nasty".

After failing to cause a big counter fall with her first drop, Jenni complained: "That was nasty.

"How could it do that?"

It wasn't to be her day on the show as she failed to make the grand final.

Jenni appeared on the episode alongside contestants Victoria and Dom.

While she managed to make it through to the second round following Victoria's early exit from the episode, Jenni was later bested by Dom who made it through to the final round.

Jenni's appearance on the programme comes after a contestant on Monday's show left Tipping Point viewers cringing by yelling "come to mummy".

Tipping Point airs at 4pm on weekdays on ITV.

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