Tiffany Haddish shows off 40-lb weight loss in lingerie as she grinds & kisses boyfriend Common for Silhouette Challenge

TIFFANY Haddish showed off her 40-pound weight loss in lingerie as she embraced and kissed her boyfriend Common for the popular Silhouette Challenge.

The new trend involves someone innocently posing in a doorway before they flip it into a sexy silhouette against a red background while Paul Anka's Put Your Head On My Shoulder plays.

The standup-comic took to TikTok to share the head-turning video as it kicks off with her in a long coat while wearing a bonnet.

However, things take a turn as the song suddenly changes to Doja Cat's Streets, which leads Tiffany to end up in lingerie as she leans against a wall.

Common would soon join her as they grind on one another and kiss.

In fact, it doesn't end there as the actress then has her wig taken off by the rapper, exposing her shaved head.

She captioned the video: "For the lovers."

The 41-year-old was looking quite fit as she previously revealed she lost 40 pounds thanks to her 30-day transformation program.

She revealed to People that she has been exercising every day for “anywhere from 15 minutes to sometimes two hours."

Tiffany continued: “I've been eating differently, eating way more vegetables.

"Definitely eating directly out of my garden and just really putting in the work, making sure I sweat every single day and staying up on nutrition – nutrition is everything.

“And I try to dance every day for like five to ten minutes. I think that's really important, too: Make it fun!”

Tiffany has also had her man by her side during these quarantine months, and back in August, the star gushed on Steve-O's Wild Ride! podcast about her love: "This is hands down the best relationship I've ever been in."

She said at the time: "I've lost 20 pounds since I've been in this relationship. I feel more confident in me and it's not him that's doing it.

"Knowing that I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back—it seems like he does anyway—and I love it. I love him."

Common, 48, is also head over heels for her as he previously called Tiffany a "wonderful human" and a "true queen."

The talented pair got together during lockdown, and started off as friends before things got serious.

However, they may now be thinking long term as the actress told Common on his Mind Power Mixtape podcast: "I just want to bring survival skills, share everything I know with them.

"I definitely want to either foster kids or adopt and get them at [age] seven—where they know how to use the bathroom, they can communicate, tell you they're hungry.

"They should have some manners. If not, they can learn them… you can mold their mind."

She added: "I want the child to know, 'Hey, I chose you to be here with me and I want to give you all the knowledge that I have."

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