This Is the Meal 'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond Makes for Ladd Every Father's Day

Father’s Day is very important to ThePioneer Woman star Ree Drummond. That’s why she makes an effort toprepare a special meal for her husband, Ladd(also known as “Marlboro Man.” Here’s what Ree Drummond cooks for Laddevery Father’s Day.

The first meal Ree Drummond ever made for Ladd

The Food Network star tried hard to impress Ladd during theirearly years of dating. During an episode of The Pioneer Woman, Ree saysher first home-cooked meal for Ladd was linguini with clam sauce, reports TheFood Network.

Ree’s linguini wasn’t the type of food Ladd is used toeating. She learned later he likes to eat heartier meals. “Talk about theperfect food for a cattle rancher,” Ree joked. “Knowing what I now know aboutLadd Drummond, this cracks me up … He’s kind of a meat and potatoes type.” Now,Ree makes meals that fit Ladd’s lifestyle. She even has a section on her blognamed “cowboy food,” which features recipes for hearty dishes such as smotheredpork chops, meatball casserole, and grilled tenderloin.

Ladd Drummond has been criticized for the way he eats

Ladd’s eating habits caused quite a stir among fans of theshow. Some fans of The Pioneer Woman are annoyed with the way Ladd eats.One fan said Ladd doesn’t eat like an adult and he should try other foodsbesides meat and potatoes. One Reddituser was extremely bothered by Ladd’s food choices. Ladd isn’t a fan ofvegetables, so Ree sometimes pokes fun at him. The viewer complained that Laddeats “like a 3-year-old,” and should “grow up.”

What Ree Drummond Cooks for Ladd every Father’s Day

In an interviewfor Us Weekly, Ree said she likes to make something special for Laddeach Father’s Day. She mentioned she doesn’t get specific meal requests fromher husband because she’s already familiar with his preferences. “For Father’sDay it’s always a home-cooked dinner. Ladd never requests things, but hedoesn’t have to because I know what he wants,” she told the publication.

What’s on the menu for Ladd’s Father’s Day meal? You won’tbe surprised to learn it involves steak and starch. “Steak, an iceberg wedgesalad, some kind of really delicious biscuit or warm bread … and then some kindof hot or warm chocolate cake,” said Ree in her Us Weekly interview. “Ladd’svery much meat and potatoes and that’s where he lives,” she added.

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