The Young and the Restless' 10 Best Characters Ever, Ranked

In its nearly five decades on CBS, The Young and the Restless has introduced so many captivating characters that it’s conceivable that every viewer could have a different favorite. There are, of course, a bunch that we all love, too. But which of them are actually, technically the best?

That’s the highly analytical question that we asked ourselves in compiling this list of Genoa City residents past and present. Which immediately led to more questions. Which of the top-rated daytime drama’s characters have had the greatest staying power? Which have caused the most plots to twist? Which have gone down (or will go down) not merely in soap-opera history but television history?

Among our answers are a villainess whose first name was for eons preceded by the words “evil nurse” anytime it was uttered, a tycoon with the most legendary mustache this side of Tom Selleck’s upper lip and a ladies’ man whose bed has so many notches in it, it’s a wonder it hasn’t collapsed!

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