The Queen Mother Shares Her Concerns About Cheating

At 93, Queen Elizabeth has been around long enough to have practically seen it all. Though she has surpassed nine decades of life, the Queen remains very active and is sharp as a tack. Recently, Queen Elizabeth proved that nothing gets past her when she expressed deep concerns about cheating.

Though times have changed drastically since Queen Elizabeth’s birth in 1926, she doesn’t seem to miss a trick. The Queen is adamant about staying on top of new discoveries, innovations, and technologies. Between Twitter, tablets, and robots, the Queen makes sure she’s got a handle on everything that everchanging and rapidly-expanding technology has to offer. Recently, the Queen found herself exposed to a technology that was completely foreign to her, and she was quick to point out a potential flaw in the design.

Last week, the Queen visited a replica of Sainsbury’s to explore new technology and celebrate 150 years of grocery store shopping. Sainsbury’s is a well-known, British, grocery chain that has been around since 1869.

New Age

Whilst at Sainsbury’s, the Queen of the United Kingdom was shown how food had evolved through the ages. When she was presented with a basket of food from the 1950s alongside a basket of food from the present day, the Queen was astounded by the variance. “How tastes have changed” she exclaimed noting the big difference in food preferences.

One item that stood out to the Queen immediately, was the Bloater Paste found amongst the produce from the 1950s. Made from herrings (a type of fish), Bloater Paste was typically served on sandwiches in that time period. The Queen certainly did not approve of the fish paste and was have thought to have uttered “that’s disgusting” when she was presented with the item. We wholeheartedly agree with the Queen on that front. Nothing sounds worse than a fish paste sandwich.

You can’t cheat

During this shopping trip, The Queen was also introduced to the concept of self-checkout for the first time. She was rightfully, immediately skeptical of the device when Sainsbury’s regional operations manager, Damian Corcoran, presented it to her. “One of the things that the Queen noticed immediately was that there might be the opportunity to manipulate the system and maybe not scan items.” Corcoran reflected on his encounter with the Queen. Whilst the system was being explained to her, she remained highly inquisitive about the technology behind it. “You can’t trick it? You can’t cheat?” Her majesty queried.

Corcoran then went into great detail about the scales built into the system that help properly weigh the items. He explained that the scales stopped consumers from taking advantage of the store and purchasing items at unfair prices. Following the explanation, she seemed reasonably assured about her concerns.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

The Queen rounded out her trip by gathering some vibrant orange, white and green flowers, before cutting a delicious blossom and citrus cake. The beautiful cake was a made by none other than Claire Patak, who was the cakemaker commissioned to make Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding cake just last year.

It’s great to see that at 93, The Queen is still voraciously seeking out opportunities to not only get familiar with new technologies but also critique them for flaws. We can only hope to follow her lead with the next iPhone update rolls out.

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